RubyConf 2008: Ruby Mendicant Project

Posted in Conferences, Development on November 26, 2008

RubyConf 2008: Ruby Mendicant Project

The Ruby Mendicant project was at first meant as a joke. Who would be crazy enough to donate money to an individual developer to work on unspecified open source projects for 3-6 months without any explicit goals? As it turns out, 70 individual Rubyists, along with Ruby Central, Inc. and the MountainWest Ruby Conference were!

Gregory will provide a brief overview of the Ruby Mendicant project, and then go on to show the end results, the new pure Ruby PDF generation library called Prawn. This talk will highlight the sort of things that are possible in an ideal free software development situation, and touch topics such as performance tuning, testing techniques, API design, documentation practices, and even community building tips. In addition to these more general topics, this talk will also have shiny demonstrations of what Prawn can do after 22 weeks of community funded development, helping people say goodbye to PDF::Writer once and for all.

About Gregory Brown
Gregory Brown is a Ruby hacker with a deep interest in what makes communities tick. He has contributed to Ruby's awesomeness by working in the oh-so-exciting field of Business Reporting for the last several years, building Ruby Reports and Prawn along the way. When not in front of a keyboard, Gregory can be found either playing Go or studying Buddhism. He lives with his girlfriend in New Haven, CT where the two share an apartment with a small bamboo plant that is seemingly capable of living without water.

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