The Chornicles of Web Standard: Panel

Posted in Conferences, Web Technologies, Development on November 27, 2008

The Chronicles of Web Standard: the HTML 5, the Comet and the WebSocket will be an exciting event coving Comet, HTML 5, the latest, and future enhancements to the web. AJAX became popular because it allows a browser to request additional information from the server. One major limitation of AJAX is that the browser must initiate the request for data from the server. Comet solves this problem by allowing the server to push data to the browser at any time. This event will start with a general introduction to Comet, followed by an in depth panel discussion moderated by Kevin Nilson with panelists:

  • Alex Rusell, President of the Dojo Foundation & Project Lead for The Dojo Toolkit
  • Dion Almaer, co-founder of and "Audible Ajax" podcast
  • Michale Carter, Founder at Orbited Project & Official Contributor for W3C HTML5
  • John Fallows, CTO and co-founder at Kaazing
  • Ted Goddard,Senior Software Architect at ICEsoft Technologies and

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