PhotoshopUser TV #73: Lad, Part Deux, The Sequel

Posted in Graphics on November 28, 2008

PhotoshopUser TV #73: Lad, Part Deux, The Sequel

Corey Barker and Felix Nelson return with eye-popping creative techniques.

So What Have We Learned:

  • Felix shows you how to recreate the Scanner Darkly effect with Poster Edges and strokes. Tip courtesy of Margie Rosenstein.
  • Corey demonstrates the multiple plane feature in Photoshop CS3’s Vanishing Point filter while creating a cool, abstract background.
  • Felix turns a flat image into a 3D magazine spread with highlights and gradients.
  • Plus! The Top 10 Reasons You Might be a Photoshop Addict, courtesy of NAPP forum members.

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