PhotoshopUser TV #84: Our Biggest Fan

Posted in Graphics on November 29, 2008

PhotoshopUser TV #84: Our Biggest Fan

Dealing with a set still under construction, a sleep-starved Scott, Matt’s European absence, and the looming presence of their “biggest fan”, can’t stop the Photoshop Guys from cranking-out the tips, tricks, and techniques for their loyal audience.

So What Have We Learned?

  • Corey has a fun tutorial for replicating the textured effect used on the logo of DreamWorks “Shrek the Third”.
  • Dave shares with us some tips and tricks for using Match Color to do more than making two photographs look somewhat similar.
  • Scott offers a sneak peek from his new Photoshop CS3 for Digital Photographers book with a tutorial for using new features in CS3 to show your work as a professional-looking panorama.
  • Matt Kloskowski checks-in from Amsterdam with a video tour of Adobe Live

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