PhotoshopUser TV #85: RC Loves Pizza

Posted in Graphics on November 30, 2008

PhotoshopUser TV #85: RC Loves Pizza

This week Scott, Dave, and Corey (Matt’s still off in Europe) bring you cool new tutorials for Photoshop CS3, as well as cool new features! Oh, all that lime green where the set should be…we’re working on that.

So What Have We Learned?

  • Corey gives a quick public service announcement from NAPP Labs on the new Clickable Link feature (note for all Flash viewers: you’ll notice this feature doesn’t work for you…we’re working on that too).
  • Scott shares a quick tutorial on using Camera Raw or Photoshop to remove lens vignetting from a photograph.
  • Dave shows how to make an open door effect in Photoshop using simple layer and selection techniques.
  • Corey dishes-out a very cool tutorial for using Smart Filters to edit QuickTime video in Photoshop CS3 Extended.
  • Matt Kloskowski checks-in from Amsterdam with a video tour of Adobe Live.

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