PhotoshopUser TV #88: Golf Anyone?

Posted in Graphics on November 30, 2008

PhotoshopUser TV #88: Golf Anyone?

Only the Photoshop Guys are capable of completing an entire episode’s worth of tutorials, all while playing 18 holes of golf.

So What Have We Learned?

  • Matt has a tutorial about some of the updates for Camera Raw 4.1. He goes in-depth and explains the new sharpening features.
  • Dave answers a viewer’s question about how to create a semi-transparent, double-stroke effect around a piece of text.
  • Deke McClelland is joining NAPPtv for a series of segments that begin this week. In this episode, Deke shares some techniques for using the Multi Channel function in Photoshop.
  • Corey has a tip for using the Alt/Option key to view all of the tools associated with a given tool button.

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