PhotoshopUser TV #98: Live From Las Vegas!

Posted in Graphics on November 30, 2008

PhotoshopUser TV #98: Live From Las Vegas!

This special, “All-Tips Episode” was taped in front of a live audience on the expo hall floor at Photoshop World last week.

So Many Tips From The Photoshop Guys

  • Changing adjustment layers without having to redo the layer mask.
  • Automate: crop and straighten your scanned photos with a simple command.
  • Double-click your adjustment sliders in Camera Raw to get them back to default settings.
  • Use smart objects in your layout and you’ll have a template that you can use for other photos using the Replace Contents command.
  • Blending multiple exposures to get the best areas out of each photo.
  • Camera Raw preview checkbox only toggles the changes made with that panel.
  • Quickly add extra canvas around your image with the crop tool.
  • Straighten a crooked photo using the lens correction filter.
  • Open and process your JPEGs in Camera Raw and set your preferences to open all JPEGs in Camera Raw.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for working with type.
  • Create a clipping mask and place your photo into any shape.
  • Use the history brush to create a classic wedding photo effect.
  • Applying smart filters to your type layers will keep the text editable.
  • When retouching, open your image in a new window so you can see your adjustments in context.
  • Type fonts with the word Pro after them have extra font options available.
  • Edit your keyboard shortcuts so that your most-used adjustment layers are easy to call up.

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