PhotoshopUser TV #99: Blammo Is Cool, Cool Is Blammo

Posted in Graphics on November 30, 2008

PhotoshopUser TV #99: Blammo Is Cool, Cool Is Blammo

The Photoshop Guys had to pull themselves together and move on with the show after the loss of our dear, departed Camera Two.

So What Have We Learned?

  • Scott has a tutorial on creating a 3D product box using Free Transform and the Perspective command.
  • Dave shares some keyboard commands for adjusting your type layers without using the mouse or tool palettes.
  • Special guest Wes Maggio is visiting from Wacom and he’s got some tips for using a Wacom tablet and integrating pressure sensitivity into your workflow.
  • Matt demonstrates how to simulate a graduated neutral density filter using a layer style.
  • Scott’s One For The Road Tip is about using the Custom Shape tool.

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