Tekzilla #10: Drobo vs. RAID, Next Gen DVD, Macbook Pro Fix

Posted in Podcasts on November 29, 2008

Drobo vs. Terastation. How much will Blu-ray and HD DVD cost this year? Rock Band! Shelfari. Miro instead of iTunes. Fast Macbook Pro Fix. Should I buy Turbo Memory?

We've got our final list of $500 PC parts. The grand total with tax and shipping: $492.98!

Nicolaus is right: an AMD 64 X2 5200+ would also make a great CPU for our $500 PC. Patrick just wants the chance to overclock the heck out of Intel's 4500. (We're going for a 40% overclock!)

Looking for a way to subscribe to Tekzilla and other video podcasts without using iTunes? Check out Miro. Great way to automatically download, not to mention serach for, video shows online. Your mileage w/ the player might very; some folks find it less stable than others. Thanks for emailing in the idea, Ephryn!

How much will next gen DVD players cost this season? Think $200 to $500, if you missed Walmart's $99 selloff of Toshiba's HD-A2. (You can still pick it up for $200 - $250.

Sony's PS3 is no longer the cheapest Blu-ray option. Sony's BDP-S300 is down to $350 if you shop carefully. For the money we'd rather use the PS3 or Samsung's BDP-1200, tho!

We've got info on what the next step up price wise, along w/ LG's BH100, aka the Super Blu on the show.

Jessica's Code Red: Kody at Apple Service has a possible fix for Jessica's problem child Macbook Pro: it's Resetting the SMC and it fixed it!

Dusan's got a good point: we should do our Black Friday show earlier! We certainly will next year.

Patrick went ballistic and replaced all the batteries in his house with rechargables... he should be able to recharge 'em at least 500 times, according to Energizer.

Here's the link for Porkshank's mad steampunk modded MP3 player... er, "Ambience Enhancer." Way cool!

Star Wars Insider: The Galaxy How's that for a star chart?

Rock Band: 1Up's Garnett Lee joins Neha to find out if the latest rock sim --which includes drums and a mic-- surpasses Guitar Hero.

Datarobotics Drobo vs. Buffalo TeraStation Pro II: Saeed wants to know what the differences are between the Drobo and a more traditional RAID NAS. First off, there's no networking in the Drobo... it's USB only. Second, Datarobotics says Drobo doesn't use RAID, tho it does have a lot of the nifty characteristics of a RAID 5. Most important: Drobo's dead simple to maintain... if you can read lights, you can keep it running.

Oh, btw, Drobo can use mixed sizes of hard drives without wasting capacity. The trade off? It's probably a bit slower than the TeraStation... we'd love to benchmark 'em both.

Want some great ideas for keeping your data safe? Check out Ten Storage Strategies for the Home. ExtremeTech's Loyd Case wrote it, and there's some great info in there.

Are you a bookworm? Miss your books when you're at work or traveling? Then you'll love Shelfari, a social site built around books for book lovers. It's Heather's producer pick o' the week!

Eric wants to know what Intel's Turbo Memory does, and if he should drop $50 on it when he buys his next notebook.

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