Tekzilla #11: Backup Windows. Jeff Gerstmann. Ford Sync, Free Defrag, $500 HDTV. Fables.

Posted in Operating Systems, Podcasts on November 30, 2008

Backup software for Windows. Jeff Gerstmann on garbage gaming gadgets. Fables. Ford's Sync Works. Free Defrag. Rent Movies Online. $500 HDTV Recco

In Patrick's experience, most voice controlled tech sucks... which is why he was so pleasantly surprised when he got to talk at Ford's new (ahem) "In car voice activated fully integrated entertainment and communications system," aka, SYNC. Why so surprised? The $395 add on for ford cars worked pretty well. Heck, even Walt Mossberg likes it.

Jeff Gerstmann, joins our very own Neha to talk about gaming gadgets everyone should avoid... and his recent departure from GameSpot.

Joe wants to know the best places to rent downloadable movies online, and not "buy any hardware or pay a monthly fee." There are quite a few options, right now, we like CinemaNow and Amazon's Unbox the best. Just make sure you've got a smokin' fast Internet connection... or you'll need to order your movies a day in advance.

Clicking thru YouTube take too much time? Check out Chann3lz.com a site that delivers an endless parade of videos. Props to Kiernan, one of your fellow Tekzilla viewers for putting it together!

"Could you suggest some good backup software for Windows?" Absolutely, Joe... check out EMC's Retrospect 7.5 if you want to get your backup geek on. (The Express HD version is mucho simpler and more affordable.) or, if you're into the free products, Cobian Backup 8 We show off the basic setup on air.

Heather's producer pick of the week is a rockin' comic book called Fables that brings timeless characters into today's New York City. Amongst other places. (Like Fables? Then you'll definitely want to check out iFanboy's interview of Fable's writer, Bill Willingham.

Free defrag tools? We regularly use Diskeeper, but if you're on the mad budget, or just want to use the Open Source check out UltraDefrag which works on most every form of Windows since NT 4.0. (You'll need to to some command line tweaking to run it under Vista!)

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