Tekzilla #12: Zune, Best Used Games, VodPod, UPS, Your Fave Podcast Tools

Posted in Mobile, Science, Podcasts on November 30, 2008

80GB Zune: a Worthy iPod Competitor, Best Used Console Games, UPS = Safer Data, VodPod, Your Fave Podcast Tools: VodPod, Juice, TvTonic, MyPodder

Your favorite tools for subscribing and watching video podcasts, other than iTunes and Miro? Juice and TVTonic were the most popular options, tho one viewer has a very slick portable setup on a portable memory card built around MyPodder.

Best bargains on used games for your new console? Jim Louderback brings Neha Tiwari his picks!

Folks are emailing us about the new Tekzilla Daily spots. We know that some of you would like them in a separate RSS feed from the main show (which isn't going away, btw.) Revision3 has a big website redesign coming, sometime after that we'll be working on customizable RSS feeds so you can get the exact feed you want.

Microsoft's 80GB Zune? It's a worthy competitor to the iPod Classic, and a big step up from the original Zune. We've just got some quibbles with the Zune Marketplace's limited selection of podcasts... but it turns out you can paste in the RSS feed for any podcast. (We'll show you next week.) We still wish it worked with Windows Media DRM protected audio purchased from the umpteen online stores that -aren't- the Zune Marketplace! (Plays For Sure... sure it does.) The Zune plays unprotected WMA and MP3s just fine.

Jessica's Code Red? This week it's VodPod, a place to collect and share your favorite online videos.

You've backed up your data... so it's safe. Now, how do you keep the hardware safe that protects that data? One -big- step is to put a UPS, that's Uninterruptible Power Supply, with surge protection and good power conditioning between that hardware (NAS, PC, Drobo, hard drive whatever) and the wall socket!

Thinking about buying a Data Robotics Drobo? You can save $50 if you enter the code "Tekzilla" when you buy one from the Drobostore! Thanks again to Data Robotics for sponsoring Tekzilla!

You want a Tekzilla ringtone, Tenzin, "the first part, that sounds like a flute, not the guitar part?" How about this: here's the whole Tekzilla theme and you can clip out any bit you like to make that ringtone!

"Is it true that Nintendo is developing iPhone games?" Ercole, the general consensus of our gaming buddies is that it's just another rumor... especially since Nintendo's DS is already the most popular portable gaming platform around.

That said, we've seen stranger Apple rumors come true... we wait for Steve Jobs's Macworld Expo 2008 keynote speech with baited breath.

Is it safe to buy open box products? Sure, Andy, if buying any missing accessories doesn't make it cost more than buying the regular version. Heck, Patrick buys refurbished stuff all the time... just make sure it works the minute you get home, and make sure there's still a good warranty on it if it's something expensive!

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