Tekzilla #13: Carbonite Online Backup, OtterBox for iPhone, Holiday Photo Help, Novatel 727, Driftr, Persepolis.

Posted in Mobile, Science, Podcasts on November 30, 2008

OtterBox cases don't suck. Easy unlimited online backup: Carbonite. Persepolis. Lighting Help for Holiday Photos. Driftr. Novatel 727 EVDO Modem. iRobot Looj. Zune Correction.

Otterbox cases don't suck: Patrick's (water, dust and abuse proof) OtterBox iPod Classic Armor has survived Baja, the beach, and a tumble down a flight of stairs. We showed off the dust and shock (but not water!) proof iPhone Defender. If you're looking for a waterproof iPhone case, check out Otterbox's iPhone Armor, and find yourself a wireless headset!

Samsung SSD 64GB 2.5 inch hard drive. Solid state, no rotating media, built of NAND Flash memory, which means you can beat (well... jar, bounce and vibrate) hell out of it and it doesn't skip or crash. The downside is slow write speeds, and a hefty price tag: close to a grand if you're upgrade a notebook with one. Expect SSD prices to drop considerably by this time next year. Looking for some excellent benchmarks on Samsung's SSD? Check out Extremetech's Solid State Drives: Fast, Rugged, and Really Expensive.

There's nothing wrong with the chat built in Gmail, except that most of your friends are on AIM, right? Good news: Google's integrated AIM support into Gmail's chat client!

Despite what we said on air, the new AIM integration is only in the Gmail chat client -not- Google Talk!

Holiday Photo Help: Taking photos in low light can be tough. Neha Tiwari's got some top tips for dealing with indoor lighting, flash and the nefarious shiny lights that turn into streaks on your photos! It's time to stop having muddy, blown out and shaky holiday photos!

iRobot Looj - Jim Louderback tests out iRobot's new gutter cleaning robot... we love the Roomba... will this one hold up as well in real world use?

Producer Pick o' the Week: Heather's excited about Persepolis, the touching tale of a rebellious ten year old Iranian girl growing up during the revolution of 1979.

Thinking about buying a Drobo? Enter in the code TEKZILLA when you check out of the Drobo Store and you'll save $50!

Online backup takes a looong time for the initial upload, but is the easiest way to protect your data from a catastrophic disaster... the kind that takes out your whole house.

Jared, one of your fellow viewers wrote in about Carbonite ... one of the best reviewed services out there: easy to set up, easy to use, and at $50 a year, is reasonably priced, especially since you get -UNLIMITED- backup. Windows only... sorry Mac and Linux users.

Code Red: Jessica picks Driftr, a fab new social networking site for folks that like to travel. You can use it to keep track of the places you've been and share photos, reviews and blog posts... and research the postings of other Driftr's before you travel somewhere. The best part? Looking at the map you've created and seeing all the places you've been.

Driftr is currently in private beta, but the first 20 emails to hello (at) driftr.com with Tekzilla in the subject line will get in!

Novatel's latest USB EVDO (That's Evolution-Data Optimized, Patrick) modem, the Ovation MC727 is available as the Sprint Ovation 727 and Verizon Wireless USB727 Mode... it's the update to the Sprint Ovation U720 Patrick uses. (And pays for out of his own pocket.) The 727 is smaller, packs new GPS functionality, can carry a MicroSD to add thumb drive functionality, and a much better set of accessories... but has about the same performance as the previous model.

Zune and Podcasts: we goofed. You can add any podcast/videocast with an RSS feed into the Zune software. The Zune online help sucks, tho! And since some folks were confused, let's make it super clear: The Zune can play any unprotected MP3 or WMA file. It can only play protected/DRM'd/purchased songs from the Zune Marketplace. (So Plays For Sure doesn't work with the Zune!)

Strange one eyed thing on the wall? Jon, that's an Uglydoll. You can learn more about them at the offical Uglydoll Website.

Juice: Not quite as cross plateform as Thomas suggested... Chris noticed that it doesn't have a Linux version... the Juice folks suggest Podnova and Icepodder. Thanks for the heads up, we'll double check viewer tips before we post 'em.

"Would upscaling a regular DVD be a smarter, more cost effective decisions over taking the HD plunge?" Scott, one of the more, uh, financially well endowed Home Theater buffs we know came to that very same decision after spending over a thousand dollars on HD DVD and Blu-ray players.

Patrick still wants to see the battle scenes from Return of the King in HD on a massive 1080p display, tho! And it's those big screens and 1080 resolutions where you'll notice the downsides of DVD videos the most.

"Will playing video games on a rear-projection television damage it? I want to hook my PlayStation 2 up to my 42" Toshiba." Marc, we think the only way you're going to hurt your rear projection television with a PlayStation 2 is if you throw it at the screen, especially if you have a DLP or LCD projector... they don't burn in.

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