Tekzilla #15: CES 2008: 150 inch HDTV, XstreamHD, silent case fans, Bluetooth headsets

Posted in Podcasts on November 30, 2008

It's the biggest Consumer Electronics Event on planet Earth. CES. From oversized HDTVs to tiny Bluetooth headsets we look at all the gear that'll make it into stores. Plus some insight on the up and coming tech that'll make your electronics greener.

CES is one of the biggest trade shows in the world, CES is the event to attend if you want to get a bead on what's coming out in the wonderful world of electronics.

Why? It's the show where manufacturers show off their goods to the world!

Patrick Norton and Jim Louderback spent three days at the show (along with our new producer, Roger Chang) and we've got a ton of products for you, from XstreamHD's satellite HD video distribution to some nifty new case fans from Enermax and a whole lot in between.

We also cornered some of our favourite product mavens:

What's new on the HDTV front? PCMag's HDTV reviewer (and our buddy) Robert Heron talks about improved quality, thinner monitors , that 150 inch HDTV, and Pioneers amazing new take on black.

Cell phones: PCMag's Sascha Segan reviews 100 cell phones a year. He's got three picks on new phones from the CES show floor (it's all about better interfaces, something that the iPhone has inspired) along with his fave new Bluetooth headsets.

Robots? Lance Ulanoff lives for new robots at CES. (He's also the Editor in Chief at PCMag!) He's impressed with WoWWee's latest.

BTW, there's tons of CES product coverage at PCMag, and we'll be adding more in the coming weeks from the hours of video we shot at CES!

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