Tekzilla #20: USB Turntables: Good or Bad?

Posted in Operating Systems, Podcasts on November 30, 2008

Liana Lehua from Girls Gone Geek joins us as cohost. SoundSoap for noise reduction, USB turntables, Audacity = Great Free Audio Editing, 2GB of memory vs. 4GB and the UltraClamp

Thinking about upgrading to 4GB of memory? Skip it if your'e on a 32 bit version of windows... tho OS X and Linux users should be good to go. We think 2GB is the sweet spot for folks that aren't video/audio editing or running mad emulators.

Seth was curious about USB Turntables vs. Patrick's old school turntable/phono preamp combo (the preamp handles RIAA equalization along with boosting the levels) so we put Ion's TTUSB10 and Stanton's T.90 USB to the test. (One of 'em did a much better job than the other!

Pedco's UltraClamp is a slick way to turn your car window into a steady platform for your camera... you can use just about anything up to an inch and a half wide.

Audacity, is an outstanding open source (free as in speech and price) audio editing tool... and it's our free file o' the week.

Need more noise reduction on your audio files? Then Bias SoundSoap 2 should be on your short list.

Is it worth spending the extra cash to make your domain private Sure, if you think folks are going to track you down. (Both Liana and Patrick have gone this route!) Some registrars are more serious about your privacy than others, btw!


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