Tekzilla #21: HD DVD is Dead: You can buy a Blu-ray player now.

Posted in Mobile, Podcasts on November 30, 2008

Jeff Cannata from the Totally Rad Show, HD DVD is dead, $99 cell phone deals, LaserShield Instant Security has potential, free POP access for all your email, a free software for burning disks, network USB gadgets, AppleTV update.

Jeff Cannata, from the most excellent Totally Rad Show joins us as cohost today.

HD DVD is dead... it's safe to go buy a Blu-ray player (or at least a PS3) now.

Wow... $99 unlimited cell phone deals are -everywhere-

Thai's house was broken into, and all his tech toys were stolen? He doesn't have a thousands for a custom alarm installation. We'd take a close look at LaserShield's Instant Security. Easy to install, no wires, and it works... there's just one minor problem. Engadget's Marc Weber Tobias found that it can be bypassed with a little effort. Read his article (and the related interviews) if you're thinking about buying this product: The Lockdown: Lasershield - convenient, cost effective, potentially vulnerable.

The Apple TV update arrived about 2 hours after we recorded last week's show... movie rentals are nice, but the selection is waaay thin, especially on the HD front.


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