Tekzilla #23: Computer Speakers, Free Illustrator Alternative, CompUSA RIP

Posted in Networking, Graphics, Mobile, Podcasts on November 30, 2008

Your picks: DVD Backup Tools. Inkscape: A free Illustrator Alternative. Computer Speakers That Sound Great. A Print Server that Works, Rock Band on the Wii, Ethernet and power-line Interference, CompUSA Stores Are Gone.

DVD Cracking: y'all in the Tekzilla Crew have a lot of fave tools for dealing with pesky DVD content protection!

Quite a few of you use DVD Decrypter for ripping copy protected VOB files to your drive.

DVD43 a free tool that works much like AnyDVD was big on your list.

A -ton- of you use either DVDFab's free DVDFab HD Decrypter, DVDFab Platinum.

Thanks everybody for writing in! We had a love hate relationship with 'em, but it's a little sad that CompUSA's retail stores are dead. CompUSA.com lives on, tho, the URL is now run by Tiger Direct.

While we're in a deathwatch kind o' mood... Analog Cell Service is dead, too. OK, technically, "cellular telephone companies will not be required to provide analog service" as of February 18, 2008... watch out for your older OnStar or alarm system cell service!

Inkscape: How does this free alternative compare to Adobe Illustrator the industry standard vector graphics editor... and just what the heck are vector and raster graphics? Our very own Pixel Princess, Stephanie Chu, aka Revision3's Interactive Designer, is here to give us the scoop!

AppleTV = 1000 rental titles by March 1st? Not even close, says Macworld's Christopher Breen.

1UP.com's very own Garnett Lee joins us in the cohost slot!

DoD wipe? As of November 2007, the Department of Defense no longer accepts 'successive over-writes' as a means of sanitizing drives... what they will accept to wipe drives makes for an interesting read

Thanks for the heads up, Ed... btw, we agree w/ Ed, who said "I don't think users who wipe their drives clean have anything to worry about unless they think the NSA is after them :-)" Damn skippy!

BJ from Deptford, NJ is looking for a recco on computer speakers for listening to music. If money is no object, you might consider home stereo speakers (shielded, please, if you have a CRT) and a decent reciever... or Garnett's new fave sound source, the $400 Razor Mako 2.1

We found some great options for a little over $100... the Klipsch Promedia 2.1 deliver a ton of quality sound (with a rockin' low end) for as little as $120... if you don't want to deal with wiring a subwoofer (and don't need the big bass that comes with one) Creative's GigaWorks T40 are definately worth a listen.

Scott from Sound Bend, IN can't understand why there are wireless and wired print servers.... and would prefer to buy a print server that works, please. We understand that pain. Most of the networking gear in Patrick's house carries the Linksys brand, but he had a miserable experience with their wireless print servers. (He says don't buy any print server you can't return, and try to find out if the mfg supports your printer!)

Apple's Airport Express does a pretty good job for PCs and macs... and The iFelix unofficial Airport Extreme and Airport Express Printer Compatibility List is a great resource put together by folks that use it as a print server.

Will EA release a version of Rock Band on the Wii? Yes, Benjamin, it's due to hit the shelves later this year... using Wiimotes!

Mike's new Ethernet line dies every time he tries to run it thru the wall... but laying it on across the floor, it works fine. Sounds like he's got a power line running parallel to it in that wall. You need to cross power lines at a 90 degree angle!

No, Greg, converting your 320 Kbps MP3 files to Apple Lossless won't increase the quality, but it'll almost always increase the file size. Try re-encoding those disks directly to your lossless format!


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