Tekzilla #25: Upgrade Your Notebook, Macbook Car Charger, 360 Streaming, VideoHelp

Posted in Operating Systems, Podcasts, Science on November 30, 2008

Veronica Belmont's back, Stephanie Chu answers questions on raster v. vector graphics, Streaming Video to the Xbox 360, Can you make YouTube video look better? Upgrading your notebook, WeatherWatcher, VideoHelp.com. Motherboard Help, Wireless Printers

Veronica Belmont, of the fabulous Mahalo Daily's back to cohost, and we've got her picks from the SXSW Interactive gathering.

Upgrading your notebook? It's all about making the right choice... the RAM and HD are still the most likely to give you a noticable boost, especially if you have less than 1GB o' RAM. Roger and Patrick talk about what's easy to upgrade, and what's probably not worth your effort. Got a story about upgrading your notebook? Email it to Tekzilla@Revision3.com!

Stephanie Chu is back to answer your questions after Vector vs Raster segment.... she talks about Adobe InDesign for Erik, gives Rome a heads up on a nifty tool for converting bitmaps to vector images, VectorMagic.com, which is Free and in Beta, and talks about Jim's heads up on VectorDesigner and Majoros' (from Hungary) love of Xara Extreme.

Got some graphics or web design questions for Stephanie? Email 'em to us: tekzilla@revision3.com

Suggestions for streaming audio and video to the Xbox 360: Frankie says check out TVersity if you don't want to use Windows Media Player, David in the UK says Mac users can stream to the Xbox 360 with Connect360. Thanks to everybody that wrote in!

Freebie file o' the week? It's Weather Watcher!

Why didn't Patrick use the Ubuntu Live CD instead of the Alternative Text Install??? John sums up everyones feelings in this email: "The standard desktop install is an installable live cd. So you can play with the full desktop, and install with a much easier graphical installer."

Got a Macbook or Macbook Pro? Wondering where the auto/car/cigar lighter recepticle adapter charger for it is? There isn't one. The Apple MagSafe Airline Adapter won't charge your battery (just powers the notebook) ... so you're hacking a connector into your power supply Magsafe cable if you want to charge that battery!

For the full details on this hack, check otu Stuart Schmitt's most excellent "How to build an auto / airline MagSafe power adapter"

Websites We Can't Get Enough of: If you fancy yourself an amateur videographer or just want to know how to convert your kid's birthday party video into a DVD then you need to visit VideoHelp.com

David's "checked the website for a list of supported Video Cards it lists the Gigabyte GV-NX85T256H as the only GeForce 8500GT based card." He wants to know, "Will any other 8500GT work?" As far as we know, you'll be find with any brand of 8500GT.

Omar wants a program that will improve the quality of the video he's downloaded from youtube.... sorry, Omar, there's no such beast we know of that can make that video look any better.

Greg says, "In Episode 23, you discussed print servers, but you should have also mentioned printers that are designed for networking." Great point, Greg... they're getting common, and cheap. They certainly aren't just for the office anymore!

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