Tekzilla #29: Top Digital SLR Cameras. The PDA is Dead. Free 3D Rendering. Mambo vs. Joomla

Posted in Operating Systems, Mobile, Podcasts on December 01, 2008

Cnet's camera expert answers your questions and shares her picks for entry level DSLR cameras. Must have utilities for OS X. Dumping your land line. Best Bittorrent Clients.

Dear Monster Cable: until you stop throwing the bogus chilling effects lawsuit at Blue Jeans Cable, we’re calling for a boycott. Besides… BlueJeans cable actually has great prices on quality cable, and even –American Made- HDMI cables.

Is the PDA dead? Not quite, Raymond, but it is on life support… smart phones have really taken over as personal organizers. Not sure we’d use an iPod touch as a PDA, but it might work after Apple releases the SDK for the iPhone OS.

Tekzilla’s Gadget of the Week: Microsoft’s Wheel Mouse Optical

Giving up land line service is easy (both Veronica and Patrick are cell phone only), but Mark is looking for a way connect his cell phone to the POTS network that’s already in his house. Any ideas on how to connect home phones to a cell phone network? Email us!

New to the Mac? Johnathon is, and he’s looking for our fave OS X applications, tips and tricks. Veronica’s got a good list: Jumpcut, Quicksilver, Pixelmator and AppZapper. More on the show!

Our Netflix movie of the week? Roger’s picked his beloved Tron a classic Disney movie about the struggle between good and evil within the microscopic world of a computer mainframe. We’ll be talking about it in the forums, and if you’d like a free trial (and a free rental of Tron) go to www.netflix.com/tekzilla and sign up!

Freebie Download of The Week? We’ve got our two favorite Bittorrent clients: µTorrent and Azureus.

Cnet’s Senior Editor, Digital Cameras and Camcorders, Lori Grunin, joins us on the show to answer your DSLR questions.

Phil’s looking for an entry level DSLR; Lor explains why Canon’s EOS Rebel XSi is a better choice than the Nikon D60 on Phil’s short list.

Dan wants to know if he should be looking for image stabilization in the lens, or in the body of the camera.

Canon has almost as many variations of lenses in the same focal length as they have PowerShot point-and-shoots. (AKA too many!)” Lori explains for Damien what the different series of lenses are for, which one you’ll most likely want for a DSLR, and whether or not expensive lenses are worth the extra cash.

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Websites We Can’t Get Enough Of: Penny Arcade. From the fertile fan boy minds of Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik comes probably the best video game webcomic in existence. Oh… it gets a bit naughty at times.

Stuart can’t afford AU$3,630 for a copy of Softimage XSI… no worries. First, look for student discounts if you’re in school. Then check out Blender “the open source, cross platform suite of tools for 3D creation.” It’s powerful, and has a great online community supporting it. A daughter heading off to college, Ian? She needs a laptop? We’ve got some reccos for you! Joomla or Mambo? MOB is looking for an open source CMS, or Content Management System. We’ve heard that Joomla generates cleaner code; it’s actually a fork, or development split from the Mambo code. Got an opinion on which one is better? Email us: Tekzilla@Revision3.com

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