Tekzilla #31: Camera Tossing, Better Twitter, The Best Photo Printer, GPS Reccors

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Toss your camera, make abstract art. (Or break it.) 1UP's Garnett Lee joins us to talk GTAIV. We love USB Flash Drives. Best GPS: Price unlimited and under $200. Firmware Fixes MacBook Problems.

Camera tossing? No, Brian, we'd never heard of it, and we're not sure that there's a safe way of doing it... you're chucking your cameras into the air! We do agree, tho, that you get pretty pictures! A good place for a beginner to start is the beginners guide: it's not about the height, it's about the spin! Definitely check out Flickers Camera Toss group. They list meetups where folks get together to toss cameras; should be a good source of ideas for ya!

What do we think of Psystar's prebuilt PC's running Mac OS X? Beyond Psystar illegally distributing the hack that makes OS X run on a PC, according to the guy that wrote it, early reports from people that have bought 'em say that you can't reinstall OS X with the software that ships in the box. If your HD goes down, or you want to do a fresh install, good luck. Psystar says on the website that it's working on "an automated reinstallation mechanism" and that they "do offer an alternative.” What that is, tho, they don't say.

Would you buy a Psystar knowing what you know about the machine? Let us know what you think and take our poll!

Special Note: 15 lucky viewers will have the opportunity to participate in an online meeting with Patrick and producer Roger on May 5th at 12:00PM Eastern courtesy of GoToMeeting.com

For chance to participate sign up, if you haven't already, for a free GoToMeeting trial with the code: Tekzilla. Then email us at "tekzilla@revision3.com" with the subject line of "GoToMeeting Contest". Include your GoToMeeting confirmation number and you'll be entered into the drawing! Good luck!

David who wants a better way to interact with Twitter. He's tried Tweetr and Twitterlicious, but according to David, they "just haven't been good programs" on 64 bit Vista. Veronica says check out TWHIRL. It works on any OS Adobe's Air can run on... it's the program that finally made Twitter make sense to Patrick! BTW, hahlo is great client for the iPhone! Anybody have a Twitter recco for the Blackberry?

Why, yes, you can follow Veronica and Patrick on Twitter.

Patrick's been having major problems with his MacBook crashing... the MacBook EFI Firmware Update 1.2 firmware update fixed 'em. We've got no idea what it did, just that it "fixes several issues to improve the stability of MacBook computers." And, no, OS X's Software Update never suggested the patch.

Our Netflix movie of the week is Serenity... essentially the wrap-up to the too-short-lived tv series Firefly, this mix of space travel, flight scenes, witty one liners definitely stands on its own, and it's a house favorite here at Tekzilla! Want to see it for free? Sign up for a Free Netflix Trial!

The Tekzilla Gadget of the Week? Roger has written an ode to the sadly under-appreciated USB Flash Drive. Without a giant stack of 'em, we'd never finish Tekzilla every week! GTA IV? Veronica's so excited about the new Grand Theft Auto this game she's practically vibrating... you've been talking about it in the forums, so we've got 1Up's Executive Editor Garnett Lee in to talk about it. There's Tons more GTA IV coverage, including PS3/360 comparisons at 1Up.com

Tekzilla's Freebie Download of the Week: Our favorite http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_source alternative to Microsoft Office, OpenOffice.org... unless you're on a Mac, in which case you should check out NeoOffice!

A good quality photo printer? A budget between $200 and $700? Nicholas, you've got a lot of options! We talk about the Epson R1900, Canon Pro9000 and the Epson R2400 on the show.

You're probably hosed when it comes to cheap ink, tho... you're looking to do 13x19 prints, and they're just gonna chew thru cartridges!

The best GPS out there for the weekend road warrior? Loving this question, Kyle! There's certainly software you can run on your notebook such as Microsoft Streets & Trips 2008 and DeLorme's Street Atlas USA 2009, but regular 'stick to the dashboard' GPS devices are much more convenient. If you've got a grand, Garmin's nuvi 880 is the top of the line... it's the built in voice recognition that lets you talk it thru just about any feature that's so amazing.

Thinking something in the more under $200 range? Depending on where you shop, and if there's a sale on, we've seen the Mio C230 for as little as $130. Veronica's fave, the TomTom One for $150 and the excellent Garmin nuvi 200 for $180.

The winner of our "The Best GoDaddy Domain name ever!" is Tyler McIntyre and his PandaTalksTech.com! He just one a free year of GoDaddy.com hosting. Want to save 10% off your next GoDaddy order? Enter in the code TEK1 when you check out!

Websites we can't get enough of? This week's pick is [H]ard|OCP, an amazing website dedicated to getting every possible ounce of performance from your PC and its components... the site and its hardware reviews are most excellent, but the collected wisdom in the forums are what really put it over the top!

"I was wondering if you how to trace an someone's IP thru Yahoo Messenger and use that IP to locate a person where abouts." As far as we know, Ajay, you can't do this... not without hacking your way into Yahoo's servers anyhow, since you're just getting the IP from the Yahoo Messenger server on your client.

Brian has a laptop with a dead CD drive... we've got some ideas bout what he can do to fix that problem and get an OS re-installed on it.

In the Bay Area this weekend? We'll all be hanging out at the Maker Faire, say 'howdy' if you see us!

Your questions drive this show! Email 'em to us! Tekzilla@Revision3.com is the place to ask us your questions... or stop by the Tekzilla Forums.

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