Tekzilla #32: Gateway One, Maker Faire, HDTV for a Dorm Room, ReadyNAS vs Drobo, Win a Zune!

Posted in Operating Systems, Science, Podcasts on December 01, 2008

Veronica wants to giveaway a Zune, details in the show! Patrick reviews Gateway's One all-in-one PC. ReadyNAS vs Drobo: Which is more futureproof? Does 1080p matter on a small HDTV?

Veronica wants to giveaway an 80GB Zune, details in the show, along with Craig's question about downloading podcasts directly to the Zune.

Dear Microsoft: Veronica might buy a Zune if you had Mac software for it... her take on the Zune 2.5 featues are in the show.

Omar's looking for an all-in-one PC and he wants our take on the Gateway One. Patrick put it to the test for a week, check the show for his take on the Core2Duo machine... the expansion options are pretty slick!

Which is more future proof: Netgear's new ReadyNAS Pro, with it's 6 drive bays, or the Data Robotics Drobo which can easily use drives of different sizes. Good question, Rob!

Does 1080p matter on 32" or smaller HDTV? Adam's off to college next year and wants an HDTV between 22 and 30 inches he can rock with his Xbox 360 (and, later on, the PS3). He says, "the optimal HD experience would be ideal. Also being able to hook up my Macbook would also be super rad!"

Why the 70's really ended, hint: it's not because of high oil prices. See Plaid Stallions for the truth... it's this week's Website We Just Can't Get Enough Of!

The Maker Faire is an epic festival of DIY... we've got video of some of our favorites from the gathering of Makers... anybody up for a rideable Mechanical Giraffe?

Care to avoid death on the highway? The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration's "Click It or Ticket" campaign runs from May 19 thru June 1st this year, and they'd like you to buckle up: Fifty-nine percent of those killed in an auto accident were NOT wearing seat belts at the time of the crash.

Windows XP Service Pack 3 is out... our producer Roger installed it this morning. Late breaking update: some folks are having problems with Continuous Reboots after installing Windwos XP SP3.

Poll question of the week: Do you think SP3 release means that XP is finally make the voyage to scrapyard or is it just proof that XP's popularity is just as strong as it ever was?

JavaOne + Neil Young = Java/Blu-ray high res archive of his work, that's updatable... that he reccomends be experience via the PS3!

Speaking of Blu-ray, sales have hardly taken off since The Death of HD DVD.

The Tekzilla Gadget of the Week comes from Veronica: she loves Sound Isolating Headphones! She's not talking earbuds, she's talking in ear devices that do serious noise blocking along with audio playback.

Albin's wondering about Windows utilities that are starting to add anti-malware, adware, phishing, etc. to their former functions. Can you run too many of these things at once?" We think so... and we've got some advice so Albin can avoid conflicts between AVG 8, Comodo 3 and a few other bits of security software floasting around his PC.

Thanks to everybody that participated in our GoToMeeting meeting early this week. It was very helpful and eye opening experience! We hope to hold another very soon.



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