Tekzilla #34: Clone Your Windows Machine for Free! Saving Photos On Vacation. S/PDIF 101

Posted in Operating Systems, Podcasts on December 01, 2008

A free alternative to Symantec's Ghost for drive imaging, the answer to Veronica's Time Machine problem, ideas for saving photos you take on vacation -- without bringing a notebook along, help with the Tekzilla RSS feeds in iTunes, & the winner of our Zune contest!

Veronica's Time Machine Problem

In response to Veronica's pleas for help regarding the rapidly diminishing amount space on the external drive she uses with OS X's Time Machine, many of you sent suggestions and solutions. And while all were greatly appreciated it was the one email from Sam that correctly diagnosed Veronica's problem.

Drive Imaging

We received a couple of emails about the backing up a Windows install so that during an emergency everything can be copied back without having to reinstall Windows from scratch.

The operation is typically known as imaging your drive or ghosting –after the name of a popular disk imaging appilcation. Unlike simple file copy process, disk imaging copies all the attributes of the drive including things like the boot sector, hidden files, and file system.

Pat and Veronica had several recommendations including Norton Ghost or if you're interested in something alittle more free check out Clonezilla.

Saving Flash Media Contents without a Computer

We got a question about how to save pics off a flash memory card without using a computer. Short answer is that you'll prolly need to look at getting something like the Epson P-3000 if want to transfer photos off flash media and still be able to look at it but a $400 it's a pretty expensive option. Now if don't want to spend that much check out what Pat and Veronica have to say about that, in the show.

Using an iPhone with iPod Docks

A particular interesting question we got from a viewer was about using an iPhone with an iPod dock. Although Veronica points out that Apple does not say that both the iPhone and iPod dock are compatible it is possible. However do to the case housing the dock connector maybe out of reach so you'll have to invest in an dock extender to bypass the limitations of the iPhone's case. For more details check out the show!

Get the Different Tekzilla Feeds with iTunes

This question was one of many we've received since we started offering separate Tekzilla Dailies, Tekzilla Show and Combined feeds. While we offer unique RSS links for each one there's only for the iTunes? What gives? Actually since iTunes can use any traditional RSS style link for audio and video blogs it's really simple matter of copying and pasting the RSS link into iTunes itself. You can watch the step by step in the show.

What is S/PDIF?

Finally we had an email about what S/PDIF was and how it compares to other video connections. Well to start things off S/PDIF is not a video connection but rather a digital audio interface technology. Developed by Sony and Philips (hence the S/P) to create a digital connection standard for home audio it commonly used in surround sound receivers as a way to connect devices like video game consoles, video set top boxes and DVD players without the need for 6 or more discrete cables.

Zune Winners

Yes 3 lucky people won themselves either a 80GB Zune, Zune headphones, or a Zune card worth 10 songs. Although the giveaway itself has ended please continue to send in your video questions. It's great to be able to see our viewers and hear them ask their questions. So please keep it up!


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