Tekzilla #39: Hands Free Bluetooth Roundup, Secure Your Computer, Mohawks and Vinyl...

Posted in Operating Systems, Graphics, Podcasts on December 02, 2008

Veronica explains the mysteries of CD Audio. Does Memory Brand Matter? Testing with Memtest86+, California and Washington go hands free July 1st. Turntable recommendation! Is there a picture of Patrick with a Mohawk?

California and Washington go 'hands free' for cell phone use in the car on July 1st, so we got hands on with some hands free bluetooth earbud and speakerphone options from $65 to $125: Aliph's New Jawbone, BlueAnt's Supertooth 3 Jabra's SP5050 and the Venturi Mini, which includes an FM transmitter for A2DP audio.

Richard's upgrading the memory in his notebook and asks "Does the brand really matter?" Less than you'd think, in our experience, but no matter the brand or how much we pay, we run something like Memtest86+ or Memtest OS X right after we install it to make sure it's good to go out o' the box.

You know how we were gonna do a live stream of Tekzilla's taping this week? Well because of some... what do you call them? Ah yes "technicalities" we actually can't do it this week. So we heartily apologize to those of you who were waiting in anticipation. But we are planning to live stream Tekzilla's taping next week! You can find more details at revision3.com/watch

This week's Freebie download pick! is IcoFX, a handy icon editor lets you create, edit and modify icons for Windows XP, Vista and OS X!

A review of the nVidia GeForce GTX 280, Richard? We'll defer to our go to source for GPU reviews: ExtremeTech.com... it's expensive, fast, and sucks down ridiculous amounts of power. Check out Brute Force: Nvidia's GeForce GTX 280 and 260 to see how fast it really is!

If you have questions regarding video cards, CPUs, mobos, overclocking and other bits of PC gaming hardware, get your questions ready. We will be doing some shoots with the supergeeks over at extremetech.com. Email us: tekzilla@revision3.com!

Website We Just Can't Get Enough Of? Today's pick: Project Gutenberg, "Project Gutenburg" a volunteer project that collects, digitizes and make available as many cultural works to as many people as possible. Thousands of books are available online for anyone to access completely free and legal, a majority of the books are in the public domain, so you'll find a lot of the classics: Edgar Allen Poe, Shakespeare, Moby Dick, Dracula, even Grimm's Fairy Tales.


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