Tekzilla #40: Free Anti-Virus. Moving files to a new PC. Blu-ray Burners.

Posted in Web Technologies, Operating Systems, Security, Graphics, Mobile, Podcasts on December 03, 2008

Veronica's DIY Audio Studio. Skitch. Get the best price when you buy tech toys and tools. Skinning your laptop, cell phone, Wii, PS3, Xbox or PC! Buying a used PC. Regular phone vs. VoIP vs. Digital Phone

Heads up: Starting Saturday, July 19th new episodes of Tekzilla will release on Saturday instead of Friday!

Steve's miffed: he wants us to point out when local shops probably won't have a product we review... and we've got some buying advice for the next time he heads for Frys, Best Buy, or RadioShack!

This week's Freebie Download Pick: AVG Anti-Virus Free 8.0, free anti-virus tool that works great.

Alan sent in a video question, he's in search of something a little easier than using Print Screen or CMD-Shift-3 to take a screen shot... Veronica's all about Skitch, "one of my favorite new apps out there, and it makes editing and sharing screen grabs a total snap. Get it? Snap???"

Brian wants to build an audio studio for his dorm room. For under $1100. No problem: Veronica's got a list of gear that can get you some great audio for a lot less than that, starting with a good solid microphone, the beloved Shure SM58 and our favorite free audio editing and recording software, Audacity.

Bill's thinking about buying a used PC on craigslist.org, but doesn't want to get ripped off. We've got a list of things to keep an eye out for. (One thing we didn't mention: getting a bill of sale from the person you're buying from in case the machine is stolen!)

AT&T has (officially) announced pricing for iPhone 3G sevice... four plans, starting at $69.99 a month, says PCMag.com... is Veronica going to camp out for an iPhone 3G?

This week's Website We Just Can't Get Enough Of: freshAIRapps.com, a glorious repository of applications that run on Adobe Air. (That's the cross-platform runtime environment that enables programmers to make, for example, desktop applications like Twhirl, Patrick's fave Twitter client, and Snackr, a slick RSS reader. (It's also a wonderful resource for Adobe Air developers -- it has a tutorial section that covers all the basics for fledgling devs, as well as links to the tools you'll need to build the apps.)

What is the difference between regular phone, digital phone and VoIP? Anthony, we're glad you asked! POTS, VoIP, and Digital Telephony have more in common than you might think. Just don't ask us to explain how cell service works...

Fifty Free Songs? Sign up for a free trial at emusic.com/tekzilla! (And check out some of Veronica and Patrick's fave tunes!)

Patrick's friend is getting a new desktop for college and he wants to know "the best way to transfer his massive music collection from his XP computer to his new Vista rig." We've got some help for ya, including the scoop on copying files from his old hard drive that still has Windows on it.

Blu-ray on the Mac? Marshall is looking for something a tad less expensive than the $699 kit from MCE Tech. Fortunately, Roxio's Toast can burn Blu-ray disks... and the price of Blu-ray burners is down around $350. Now if 25GB BD-R disks would just drop in price!

Chris V. wants to personalize his notebook... it's too generic for his tastes. NO problem! There are skins from GelaSkins and skinit (skinit can decorate your PS3, Wii, guitar hero guitars, a laundry list of cell phones and MP3 players...).

Veronica had her Macbook Pro laser etched with a design she loves... you can learn how to etch just about anything with a VersaLaser in this episode of Systm.

ColorWare sprays solid colors consoles, mp3 players, HDTVs... while Smooth Creations offers up sick airbrush designs.

And if you want help painting your notebook yourself, or, uh, covering it with fur, check out Systm Episode 43!

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