Tekzilla #41: Graphics Cards: We've Got Your Answers! Don't Kill Your Battery. SMS From Any Computer.

Posted in Networking, Operating Systems, Podcasts, Science on December 03, 2008

Prevent Notebook Theft at College. ExtremeTech.com's Jason Cross answers your Graphics Cards questions. Answer Email Automatically. HoverIP. The Home of the Underdogs. Macbook Pro vs. Blu-ray.

Heads up: starting next week, on July 19th, new episodes of Tekzilla will release on Saturday instead of Friday... same show, just on a different day. Sorry for the change!

What's the best graphics card for $200? Should I upgrade the graphics in my notebook? Is running a pair of cards in SLI worth the money? How fast is the 9800 vs. the 8800? I don't game... what kind of graphics card do I need? Will external GPUs be worth trying? You sent in a ton of great graphics card questions, ExtremeTech.com's video card mavin Jason Cross joined us to bring you the answers!

"I'm confused about the correct way to charge a battery. About half the sites I read say you shouldn't charge much, and let the battery run down, while the other half say the opposite, that you should charge often and not let the battery run down. Which way is correct?" Good question, Michael! If you don't want to kill that pricey Lithium Ion battery in your notebook, phone, iPod or whatever, follow our guidelines for charging your battery!

"Is there an email or IM service which will let me send sms text messages from my computer?" Sure are, Maxwell, and since most of the online text messaging services are web-based, it doesn't really matter whether you're on windows or mac. Veronica tested a couple, just to see what was out there and found that text'em worked best... plus it's free!

This Week's Freebie Download Pick: HoverIP, any easy way to access to all your network settings scattered around Windows XP in one easy to use control panel.

We received a few concerned emails about last week's Freebie Download AVG Free Anti-Virus, specifically, the built in Link Scanner function, and it's ability to spike traffic to unsuspecting websites... AVG has issued a patch that disables the more aggressive scanning done by Link Scanner, and says "Search-Shield will no longer scan each search result online for new exploits, which was causing the spikes that webmasters addressed with us."

This week's Website We Just Can't Get Enough of: the Home of the Underdogs, a "Tribute to the best underrated PC games of all time" that preserves and catalogs the early history of PC Gamging... right down to hosting the code for games that have fallen out of copyright and helping you run games designed for 8MHz PCs on today's 3GHz processors!

Nate wrote in "I respond to a lot of e-mails every day and most of my responses are the same. Is there a program for OS X that will allow me to reply to similar e-mails without re-writing or copying and pasting the entire email?" Veronica reccomends the legendary TextExpander, $30, which you can use to fill out forms, enter signatures, or even save whole paragraphs you can paste in when you type a short abbreviation.

Anybody know of a TextExpander-ish tool for Windows? Please email a link to: tekzilla@revision3.com and we'll share it on the show!

Jeff wants to know what the deal is with playing Bluray on his brand spankin' new MacBook Pro... there isn't a Blu-ray playback option built in!

Veronica wants to see more of your lovely faces on Tekzilla! So please please please... keep sending us your video emails. Remember make the questions no longer than 15 seconds, up load them to YouTube, and email us the linke with "Video Question" in the subject line. AND NOOOO ATTACHMENTS.

Will the security ports built into Jacob's notebook keep it from walking away if he leaves the door on his dorm room open. (No AC otherwise!) Yes... as long as the thief isn't real determined. It helps to plop it in a drawer out of site to keep 'theft of opportunity' temptation to a minimum!

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