Tekzilla #42: PC Overheating. Save Your Drivers. Waterproof Anything!

Posted in Networking, Operating Systems, Mobile, Podcasts on December 03, 2008

Cleaning Electronics. 1.5 TB Hard Drives. Share your EVDO Internet connection. The best way to back up your drivers. Fix GPU Overheating. XBox 360 Updates! What -is- the point of Twitter?

You may have noticed this episode hit the internets on Saturday instead of Friday... Saturday is our new release date for Tekzilla!

Where's Veronica? She's at E3 checking out the new games. She'll be back hosting Tekzilla next week; we've got Roger Chang out of the control room and hosting today!

Xbox 360 Fall Update: you'll be able to install Xbox games onto the hard drive to speed up loading, Netflix Movies and LIVE Primetime (TV shows and movies from NBC, SciFi and more!)

Seagate has announced 1.5TB Hard Drives! (750GB drives are under $100 now.)

Backing up your drivers before you rebuild your Windows machine... we've got some ideas to make John's life easier, 'cause we hate tracking down drivers.

Tekzilla's Gadget of the Week: CRC QD Electronic Cleaner. Patrick uses it like an alcohol soaked q-tip in a can to clean particularly cruddy electronics.

Mark wants to share the Internet connection between the EVDO modem on his notebook and his iPod touch, other computers, a PS3, XBox360 Elite, and Wii.

No problem. You can turn on ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) XP Vista in Windows (and OS X).

Devin's checked out Twitter and has one thing to say: "I don't get it." Neither did Patrick till he checked out an alternative Twitter client (like Twhirl. And, as Roger puts it, "you need a group of friends online with you. Like any social network, if you don't have people to bounce ideas, comments or topics off of it can be pretty boring."

Want to hang with us on Twitter? Come hang with Roger, Veronica and Patrick. It's weird, but we like it.

If you don't want to be the router for your friends and gadgets, you can buy an EVDO Router, such as the D-Link DIR-450 or Cradlepoint's CTR500 Cellular Travel Router.

WiFi upgrade fun: 802.11n wireless router vs. an 802.11g notebook? Rob, you'll need an 802.11n WiFi card for your notebook for it to work, and, yes, it should boost the distance and speed you can connect from.

Got a question? Send us a video! All you need to do is record yourself in front a video asking a question no longer than 15 seconds. Post the video on YouTube and email us the link with "Video Question" in the subject line. (No attachments, please, post 'em on YouTube!)

Website We Just Can't Get Enough of: Pandora.com. It just might be the last music website you'll ever need... all you need to do is enter the name of an artist you enjoy!

Rob wants to protect his new phone... I can't wait for the Golden Shellback Splash Proof Coating to become a product I can buy. It's a it's a waterproof polymer that coats your electronics inside and out. As in your gear will operate underwater!

More traditional bombproofing for a an iPhone 3G? Patrick uses an InvisibleShield to protect the screen on his phone. OtterBox makes pretty bombproof cases... now we just need a YoTank for the iPod.

The dual 4850 GPUs in David's gaming PC "give up and reboot" whenever he does any heavy gaming, with temps hitting 90 degrees. Roger's got tips for dealing with overheating and power issues n your PC. Think fans, dual vs. single rails, and... well, watch the show.

Turns out there's a $20 plugin for Toast 9 Titanium that'll play Blu-ray disks on OS X... here's the spiel from Macworld. Thanks Kyle!

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