Tekzilla #44: Quad vs. Dual Core, Private P2P, Notebook Overheating

Posted in Networking, Operating Systems, Podcasts on December 03, 2008

Is there any point to encrypting P2P? Boxee.TV. Keep Your Notebook from Overheating, Can I upgrade my motherboard without re-installing Windows? Free Software. Weasels in our Pants!

Veronica was buzzing around Montreal in Quebec, Canada and Roger was tooling around San Diego Comic-Con meeting celebrities and spending quality time with the Ayleen and friends at the October toys booth. (He also ran into Felicia Day from Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog while he was at Comi-Con

Veronica Belmont... although according to last week's credit my name is also Roger Chang.

Ready to win our Badass Monster Gaming Machine? (Sponsored by Nvidia!) We'll have the full details soon; our build a PC segment will be delayed a week as the parts we order wind their way thru the Internets. Our apologies for the delay!

CJ's angry with Patrick! He says, "Patrick is sorely misinformed if he believes that a quad core gaming system doesn't benefit from the two extra cores." Sorry, CJ, just because boutique builders can get folks to drop cash on quad core CPUs doesn't mean they help much on gaming. Check out Look at ExtremeTech's Core 2 Quad vs. the Core 2 E8500. We're building dual core for now... then, when quad core chips get cheap (and there are heaps more game that pop with quad core) we'll upgrade!

This week's Freebie Download Pick: Notepad Plus Plus a nice clean text editor designed for coders that supports syntax highlighting for languages like C, C#, C++, HTML, Java, JavaScript, Perl, and PHP. (If you're hard core enough you can define your own language syntax!) and packs auto-completion, bookmarks, split screen editing, a hex editor... and quite a bit more!

Zac wants to know which media center software he should on his Mac, and wants to know what we think of Boxee. Veronica's got a full review of this slick (and social) replacement for Front Row that works with the Apple Remote.

Want to add music or sound effect to Skype calls? So does Eric.

We want your questions on video! Just record yourself asking a question no longer than 15 seconds, upload the video to YouTube, then email us the link with "Video Question" in the subject line. (No attachments, please!)

As an added incentive.... Veronica will be giving away Boxee invites to 25 people at random who email us with VMAIL questions!

This Week's Website We Can't Get Enough Of: GetHuman.com, one of the crappiest looking and most useful websites we've ever talked about. GetHuman allows you to figure out which combination of phone buttons will connect you to an actual living, breathing person that can answer your questions!

James emails from the UK with some serious concerns about P2P privacy "It's become quite clear that the government are teaming up with ISPs in order to punish anyone caught using filesharing programs; I've heard that DNS configuration, and encryption can be quite valuable in protecting yourself online, but I'm unsure where to start."

First off, we'd love for the Tekzilla Crew to email us with their ideas about how to protect yourself online... second, we've got some questions about how useful it is to encrypt P2P traffic, but encrypting email is quite useful. Tor is great for hiding your tracks when you're online.

As far as DNS goes... yes, you can use OpenDNS to help secure yourself, and here's some more info on that: Secure and Speed Up Internet Surfing with OpenDNS. BTW, Dan Kaminsky is -the- source, his website , DoxPara Research is chock full o' useful info,

Yes, the Pirate Bay Wants To Encrypt The Entire Interent. Good luck with that.

Daniel wants to know if he can upgrade his motherboard and CPU without reinstalling Windows.

Is that notebook burning your lap? Xander asks "Exactly what options do us laptop owners have when it comes to keeping our cool - besides moving to a colder area? I've heard about laptop cooling stands, but how well do these function?" We've got options for Xander

Macbook/Macbook Pro users should check out SMC Fan Control... anybody know of a good Windows fan control utility? Email us: Tekzilla@Revision3.com.

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