Tekzilla #46: Run a PC Remotely, N95 or iPhone 3G, RSS Feeds on your Cellphone, Bad Ass Games for the Gaming PC

Posted in Networking, Operating Systems, Web Technologies, Mobile, Podcasts on December 04, 2008

Provide tech support for friends and family from miles away! Which is the better smart phone: the iPhone 3G or Nokia's N95? How to catch up with all your RSS feeds on your mobile phone! What the heck is causing your machine to run at 100% all the time? And how does the Bad Ass Gaming PC handle games like BioShock and Crysis?

Many of you have written in about the inability for non-US residents to win the Bad Ass Gaming PC Giveaway. Unfortunately, different countries have different rules about giveaways and related contests. Now this isn't an issue on relatively inexpensive items like t-shirts, CDs, or posters. PCs are pricey items, however, and as you know, when $$$ is involved, things get complicated with the lawyers and bureaucrats. So until we have the money and resources to do a different contest for each and every country... which we don't... it's open to the US only.

We got several replies about a question we had in Episode 45 about getting replacement OS install discs for Dell machines stating that Dell does indeed give users replacement discs for their machines. All they need to do is call customer service or submit a support request through the website.

Our freebie download this week is SiSoft Sandra Lite. A great benchmark and diagnostic tool for you Windows XP/Vista machine.

Veronica and Pat share their opinions between the Nokia N95 and Apple's iPhone 3G. It's a battle between 5MP camera phone goodness and a slick touch screen interface.

Want to provide tech support for friends and family without driving out to their house? Then you need remote admin tools. While Windows XP and Vista have these already installed and free to use, Microsoft's particular implementation can be a bit confusing. If you want open-source options check out VNC. Although solutions like RealVNC cost money others like TightVNC are free. If you just want something that even a computer neophyte can use check out GoToMyPC. The downside is that you'll need to fork over $20 a month for a subscription.

Need a way to check out how your website looks in different browsers? Then surf on over to this week's website pick: Browsershots.

Just got that sinking feeling when all your honeymoon pics on your media card bring up an error message on your PC? Well Veronica and Pat cover a couple of options for recovering that info without relying on the supernatural, including VirtualLab Data Recovery.

And if your CPU continually runs at 100% in Windows, the problem may lie with a bug in Windows – surprise, surprise – and the answer may lie in this Microsoft support page.

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