Tekzilla #48: Red Rings on the Xbox 360. Free PS3 Tools. Benchmarking with Crysis. Sizing a new PSU!

Posted in Networking, Podcasts on December 04, 2008

1UP's Garnett Lee, Lightning vs. Xbox 360, Benchmarking our Badass Gaming PC with 3DMark Vantage and Crysis, Free Video Conversion for the PS3

Veronica is running wild in Utah this week, so we brought in our buddy Garnett Lee from 1up.com to bring his special blend of gaming joy...

Garnett's the Executive Editor over at 1up.com... a particularly fabulous gaming review, preview and, well, all around gaming website... he gives us a heads up on the titles that he's playing right now.

Benchmarking? We give you benchmarking results of the long awaited benchmark numbers from our Nvidia Bad Ass Gaming PC.

Eee PC 901 with the Atom processor? Elliot out in Glendale is getting 5 hours with Ubuntu and -no- power management. Excellent! (Tho it might be the battery size more than the Atom processor that's bringing the long battery life. Thanks for the heads up!

Freebie Download Pick: Wiki Taxi, which lets you access the full contents of Wikipedia without an Internet connection. It's Windows only, the abridged Wikipedia database takes up 25 MB... the full, up-to-date version of Wikipedia is 8.5GB!

Patrick in Kansas wants to know if connecting to the Internet via a 3G card is risky. Truth is, it's probably safer than your connection at work, but every Internet Connection has it share of risks; all you need to do is download something from a nasty website. Run a firewall like Comodo and good anti-virus/anti-spyware!

Lincoln sent in a video question; he's looking for a good free solution to convert his videos into something his PS3 can play. Garnett recommends Video 9 for transcoding video, and he's got ideas on how to get the video to your PS3, from thumbdrive thru Ethernet, powerline and WFi.

Hot tip: Start off with a small clip to tweak settings before you to commit to larger video. You'll find out if your video looks good in minutes instead of hours!

This week's "Website We Just Can't Get Enough Of" is Ikea Hacker, a site that archives user submitted projects that show you how to re-purpose and Mac Gyver many of Ikea's products in a variety of different ways. For example, the tv unit that was converted into a terrarium, or the photography light tent made from a trash can. There's tons of material here to inspire you, check it out!

Benchmarking our Badass 3D Gaming PC: we look at 3DMark Vantage and Crysis! We're hoping to run some dual core vs. quad core and memory benchmarks before we ship this puppy out to its lucky winner.

Our Netflix sponsored Movie Pick of the Week is WarGames... as Tekzilla viewer but you can get a free trial by signing up at today www.netflix.com/tekzilla Maurice. He writes: I have a Dell XPS 420 with 4GB of RAM, a Q6600 processer, one optical drive and three hard drives. It only has a 375 watt power supply. I would love to upgrade the graphics card to an ATI 4850 to do some gaming. Does my machine have enough juice to handle it? Will removing some of the hard drives help? If not, is the power supply a standard one that I can switch out?

Maurice wants some help picking a good power supply for his gaming PC... and he's wondering how big a power supply he needs... new 3D graphics GPUs and multiple hard drives = big power supplies, especially if you want to 'futureproof' your purchase.

PS: Don't skimp on your power supply!

Do you need a switch for a half dozen computers at home, Mark? Probably not, but Ethernet switches deliver better performance than hubs, and, well, they're cheap. In fact, hubs are getting hard to find on the shelves of our local computers stores... when you can find 'em, they're cheaper as dirt.

Ben has an arcade with 17 XBox 360s... and lightning zapped the local power... "when we turned them back on they all had a red ring, but only one stopped working for good. So was that a different kind of red ring? Please tell me i don't have to replace all 17, that would really not be good." Garnett's got the scoop on decoding the four quadrants of 'The Red Ring' on your Xbox 360... and llamma.com has a great rundown on the error codes and how to read them....

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