Tekzilla #50: Multiple Monitors, SSD vs. RAM, Modbook, Headphones for Consoles, Copy Files Faster, iTunes 8

Posted in Networking, Mobile, Podcasts on December 05, 2008

NAS vs. FTP. AngryAliens. What's the best way to use headphones with your to your PS3 or Xbox? TeraCopy moves files faster. How many screen can you attach to your monitor? Can I use a Solid State Disk in place of RAM?

iTunes 8, New Nanos, New iPhone software... Apple's made a few announcements the morning we taped the show.

Think Comcast's new 250GB cap is low? Viewers from around the world emailed to tell us they live with 50-60GB caps!

SpinRite! We received a few dozen responses to answers we gave on last week's question about burning in hard drives... pretty much all of 'em said Hey! Why didn't you recommend SpinRite???

Freebie Download Pick: TeraCopy. Greg sent this idea in and said, "TeraCopy is a great program that speeds up the copying of files on Windows. Perfect for moving music to an external drive!"

More than a few of you have been clamoring for a review of Axiotron's Modbook... the Macbook that's been converted to work like a Tablet PC. We've got the review on the show!

iTunes 8: Genius auto creates playlists, Genius Sidebar tries to sell songs on iTunes, nifty new browsing modes.

The New Nano goes back to 1st/2nd gen form factor (no more fatty nano!), adds the accelerometer from the Touch/iPhone for shake to shuffle... 24 hours music, 802.11b/g networking, a built in speaker... starts at $149 for 8GB.

Nick's looking to use headphones with his PS3, which, of course, doesn't have a headphone jack. We go over his options, which will work with the Xbox 360, too!

Want to send us a video question? All you need to do is record yourself in front a video camera asking a question no longer than 15 seconds. Then up load them to YouTube, and email us the link with "Video Question" in the subject line. No attachments, please!

This week's "Website We Just Can't Get Enough of" is Veronica's new fave time killer: AngryAlien.com. You won't actually find very many "angry aliens" here, but what you will find bunny rabbits, as they reenact (in 30 seconds) some of our favorite movies from Fight Club to Jaws, Goodfellas to Jurassic Park!

Bastiaan in Belgium wants some help adding more screens to his monitor. From extra cards to USB video adapters, we've got some ideas for him... and, yes, you can control muliple computers with one keyboard and mouse. You just need a KVM switch!

What's the difference between a NAS server and vanilla FTP server? We'll tell you all about it on the show, Trey!

Isn't an SSD just as fast as the RAM in your computer? If so, why do you need RAM in a computer that has an SSD for storage? Fun question, Joe... there are some big differences between the RAM in an solid state disk and the ram your CPU uses to run your OS and applications!

Jon's 22 inch monitor has an HDMI port... can he use it with his PS3? Sure, if it supports HDCP, the copy protection built into pretty much everything designed to play Blu-ray disks.

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