Tekzilla #51: Digital Camera FAQ, Bad RAM, Run Windows From a CD, Xbox or HTPC?

Posted in Networking, Operating Systems, Podcasts on December 05, 2008

CNET's Lori Grunin helps us answer your tough digital camera questions. Can too much RAM slow your PC? A free utility that lets you run Windows from a CD. Domain forwarding 101. Which is the better media PC: Xbox 360 or HTPC?

With Patrick out on vacation 1up.com's executive editor, Garnett Lee stopped by to keep Veronica company on this episode of Tekzilla.

We got a lot of users who wanted to share their solutions to the multi-monitor/KVM question we had last week. A great many of you wrote in about Synergy and its remote desktop interface allowing you to control a number of machines with a single keyboard, mouse and monitor.

Looking for a Windows rescue disk that actually runs Windows? Then check out BartPE. This emergency boot disc creation tool not only lets you run Windows off a CD, but with plugins, also adds any user installed software apps.

Joe had a question about picking a home media center. Should he go with an Xbox 360 or just roll with a HTPC? Garnett had some pretty astute observations about each, and threw in some additional points about gaming with either one.

Frank had a peculiar problem with his system. When he added 2GB of RAM to his system to bring up the total RAM size to 4GB, it got slower. What's up with that!? More RAM = slower system speed? Veronica and Garnett explore the possible culprits.

We got CNET's Lori Grunin on to talk digital cameras, specifically the digital camera questions we asked you to send in. So if you wanna see if your question got picked or just want to know more about digital cameras, check out Veronica's one-on-one with CNET's digital camera expert.

Kwang had a question about forwarding multiple domains to the same address and a further question about the difference between an A record and C name.

The final question was from David who wanted to know about getting the best sound out of a Mac Mini so that all the expensive audio playback equipment he has can be used to the fullest.


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