Tekzilla #57: Stream Audio Anywhere. FiOS vs. Cable. Mobile Internet!

Posted in Networking, Operating Systems, Podcasts, Mobile on December 05, 2008

Kindle discount! Watch podcasts on your TV, AT&T vs. Verizon vs. Sprint for Mobile Internet. Print What You Like!

Faster internet: Tony wants to know if he should move to FiOS now, or wait for his cable Internet provider to upgrade. FiOS now vs. DOCSIS 3 someday... we say check to see if you can get FiOS now!

Want to get a Kindle on the cheap? According to PCMag.com, you'll get a $50 discount of use the code "OPRAHWINFREY" by November 1st!

Want to watch podcasts directly on your TV? We have lots of ideas for you, David!

Warren's looking for a way to stream his audio collection from home when he travels, whether it's to the office, or to an Internet connection much farther away. If you've got a PC, then you should check out Orb. You download it to your computer, and then select the kind of media that you want to share with yourself (or others) on the go. It's free, and you can stream to almost anything: a Mac, a phone, or even a gaming console.

But there are other options, such as Jinzora and Avvenu. Jinzora is a bit more complicated, because you're actually setting up a home web server. Avvenu enables you to stream your library to your Windows Mobile smartphone.

This week's Freebie Download Pick: VirtuaWin. Do you feel like you're running out of available desktop space in Windows? Do you envy OS X's Spaces or Linux's multi- console function? VirtuaWin is an open source tool that allows you create multiple virtual desktops that allow you to expand your desktop as much as you need.

"I am about to take a 10,000+ mile road trip around the U.S. I would like to have internet access wherever I go. Which service has the fastest connection and best coverage - AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint." Sounds, epic, Erik, we've got a reccos for you... and watch out: if you go over 5GB of downloads, it could get VERY expensive.

How much video RAM do you need when you're upgrading your video card? Honestly, Anthony your issues will resolve more around the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) you pick, since that will determine your VRAM size and type!

Website We Just Can't Get Enough of!" This week's pick is PrintWhatYouLike.com! This site helps you to take the web page you want to print, and modify it to just have what you want on paper. This is great, especially when there's no printer-ready version. No more being stuck with three pages of full-color ads and other crap that you don't need!

Yi emailed from Jakarta... he's giving a thumbs up for the Asus Eee Box as a do it all home server and says: I use it for BitTorrent, http downloads, hamachi, as an FTP server, and even run Folding@Home on it" and adds "I love it. It's cheap, very quiet, don't take much space, and it comes with 2 years warranty!" Thanks for the info, Yi!

We got a dogpile of responses on Ethan's search for a new router. They can pretty much be sorted into three piles. The biggest pile said get a router than can run DD-WRT or the Tomato firmware.

A much smaller pile said build a router out of an old PC... SmoothWall, M0n0Wall, Untangle and the Astaro Security Gateway each had their fans.

The smallest pile -two letters- suggested a pair of routers. Jamal says the Linksys WRT600N Wireless-N Gigabit Router with Storage Link if money is no object, while Clark wrote in to say the Apple Airport Extreme is worth the apple tax!

JD's having mysterious problems running 3D programs like 3DS Max and Maya in Vista! The good news it's not a refresh rate issue... the bad news is you might have to update both programs... here's a like from Autodesk on how to implement workarounds for some of your problems.

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