Tekzilla #58: Intel's Core i7, Cheap Screen Skins, Search Windows Better

Posted in Networking, Operating Systems, Mobile, Podcasts on December 05, 2008

Intel's Core i7 = The New Fast. Simplify Media streams audio better. Dump Cable for the Internet? Better Search for Windows. DVI-D vs. DVI-I.

No, matter what you see in this cartoon Veronica doesn't "poop flowers, fart summer breezes and burp rainbows." Props to COMMISIONEDcomic for the fabulous strip!

If you're thinking about buying a new PC... and you're looking for the Fastest Processor Evah... hold off until Intel's Core i7 CPU is an option! Loyd Case has a great Core i7 writeup over at ExtremeTech.com

Yup, Circuit City is closing down 155 stores... one lesson from the CompUSA liquidation: bring somebody with a cell phone that can check prices before you buy!

Last week we told you about Orb.com, our fave tool for streaming audio and video from a computer at home to anywhere -and just about anything- you can get a net connection... and we got a zillion emails asking why we didn't suggest Simplify Media, which stream audio from Windows, OS X and Linux machines to another computer or iPhone.

With all the online availability of basically ANY TV content, is this the end of set-top DVR boxes like TiVo dead? No, Matt, they aren't dead yet... at least not for Veronica and Patrick... there's still a lot of great TV out there that's tough to find on the web.

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Freebie Download Pick! This week's pick is Everything, a "...fast folder and file name search engine for Windows." Searches that used to take minutes will take seconds, it's a tiny app that doesn't suck down resources, and best of all, it's easy to use!

InvisibleSHIELD? Sure, Joseph, Patrick loves 'em for screen protection on his iPhone and just about anything else with a scren, tho, like many Tekzilla viewers, he's not so happy with their full wraps.

Want to spend a bit less on your screen protection? Last time Patrick mentioned invisibleSHIELD on Twitter he got a flood of tweets about BestSkinsEver.com. They claim to use the same material, and while they don't offer a the same lifetime guarrantee they charge a -lot- less than Zagg does! Think $15 for the invisibleSHIELD face cover vs. $5.99 from BestSkinsEver.

If you only need mobile Internet access for a few weeks, you could rent an EVDO modem from Rovair, Dana, instead signing up for 2 years. Thanks for the tip on wireless Internet rentals, Greg!

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This week's "Website We Just Can't Get Enough of" is WorldPress.org, a site that gathers news stories from various national and international press outlets from around the globe, from grass roots state-run news agencies. Chances are you won't find these stories at your local news stand... or news channel!

Lewis wants some options for hosting his podcast, "and also if there are any free options to start with, before moving to a paid service." Veronica loved this question, Lewis... it's her experience running her Sword and Laser sci-fi book club podcast production showing!

For totally and completely free hosting, Veronica's top choice is OurMedia.org, which uses the InternetArchive to serve files.

SpinXpress is a free program that helps you to upload your media and give it all the right attributes, Lewis, like creative commons licensing, tags, and descriptions.

If you'd like a little more reliability than a free site (mostly it's waiting to upload your files, not the actual hosting that's a problem) but don't want to pay an arm and a leg, check out Libsyn, since they offer free badnwidth, you just pay based on the amount of space you need.

Advertisement: Looking to build an amazing website from scratch, without learning tons of code first? Then check out Squarespace, it's powerful enough to run a retail website, but incredibly easy to work with. Signup using the code Tekzilla and you'll get 10% off for the lifetime of your membership!

DVI-D and DVI-I... why are there two? Well, Nate, nobody but the Digital Display Working Group really knows why they came up with a digital only connection (DVI-D) along with a digital and analog connection (DVI-I), but we can say that getting VGA from DVI-D is a major pain.

Steve needs a cheap component video switch so he can connect his Xbox 360 and his PS3 to the TV...

Gefen's 4x4 Component w/Audio Matrix will run you over $600 on the street... so that's out. We'd go with the $23 ATLONA 4 Port Component Video Switch w/ IR Learning from our fave source of cheap HDMI cables: MonoPrice.com. Judging from the customer reviews, it should be perfect w/ 720p viddy, tho some folks claim it induces a bit o' fuzziness in 1080p video.

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