Tekzilla #6: $20 Headphones, TED, Mobo Battery

Posted in Mobile, Web Technologies, Podcasts on November 29, 2008

$20 Headphones, Body Worlds 2, Jessica Loves TED, Replace your Motherboard Battery, New Cell Phones, Firefox Goes Guerrilla

Guerrilla marketing or just a great excuse to get weird with a giant Mozilla Firefox Fathead sticker. Who cares. Check out Operation Firefox. There are some pretty sweet prizes if you win.

Alex wants a roundup of of $20 headphones... Patrick says he should check out the offerings on HeadRoom: they have a whole budget selection of headphones under $40. Oh... Adam, if you can scrape up $70, Grado's SR60's sound freekin' amazing. It's his fave low cost headphone.

Thinking about a new cell phone? Jim Louderback has a tour of the latest phones from the show floor of CTIA's (Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association) Wireless IT & Entertainment show.

Does the time reset every time you shut down your computer? Chances are the battery on your motherboard is dead. We walk you thru how to replace the coin style battery found on most mobos. If your battery doesn't look like a coin, or you can't find the battery, period, check out HardwareSecrets most excellent Replacing the Motherboard Battery for more help.

We're not sure how our Producer, Heather, snuck out of the office to hit one of our fave local comic stores, Isotope. We do know that she scored the trade paperback of Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Long Way Home. It's the first five issues of Josh Whedon's Season 8 of the show that ended in 2003.

Body Worlds 2: Get your creepy full life made from real bodies anatomy on! We sent out our own Neha Tiwari to check out the exhibition of 200 human specimens preserved through Plastination at the Tech Museum of Innovation.

Search engine alert: Yet another contender for Google's search crown has emerged. You can check out the beta of Hakia.com and decide whether its implementation of semantic search gives you more relevant results.


Jessica is in love with TED, the Technology, Enternainment and Design conference. The ideas is to show off "Ideas worth spreading" and at the TED website you can find "talks by the world's greatest thinkers and doers." The trick? The presenters have to give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes, max. TED makes the best presentations available to the public, for free! Jessica's favorites include Jeff Skoll's Making movies that make change, Dan Gilbert's Why are we happy? Why aren't we happy? and 11 year old Sirena Haung's Dazzling set on a violin.

Yeah, we know: the Hello Kitty AK47 is a parody (so is the Care Bear Body Armor) and the USB connector on the Apple Keyboard works just fine on any PC... 'cept Patrick's janked out old notebook.

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