Tekzilla #60: Auctioning Off Veronica, The Sock Mod, Manage All Your Social Apps, Avoid Thumbdrive Disaster!

Posted in Podcasts on December 05, 2008

Manage All Your Social Apps in One Place, Sock + Headphones = Comfy, DIY PBX, Don't Use A Thumbdrive for That!

Veronica's never leaving the house again: You can now order Dominoes on your TiVo.

She's almost leaving the house for charity... Go to Humanety.com by November 30th and bid on a chance to win a 30-minute long video chat with Veronica. You can talk about games, tech, gadgets, your favorite bacon related projects...whatever! The proceeds go to Penny Arcade's most excellent charity, Child's Play to bring toys and video games to sick kids in hospitals all over the country.

Chris wants to build his own PBX to run the phones in his home off a computer. Chris, you'll love Asterisk, a slick, open source 'telephony platform' for rolling your own PBX... It should do everything you need, voice mail, conference calling, interactive voice response (ie phone menus), and automatic call distribution, compatibility with VoIP and plain old telephone service... you can use it with analog or digital phones... except for the recycling old modems part!

Two line digital phones are pretty cheap... you can get good Polycom TKs for $85 for a single phone line... $100 for a two line Polcom TK.

You'll want to check out AsteriskNOW... or Trixbox CE, formerly known as Asterisk @ Home... way cool project to do!

This week's Freebie download pick is ACID Express, the free version of ACID Pro, Sony's solid loop based music sequencer. Making music has never been easier: all you need to do to create your musical concoction is drag sound or music samples onto a track. The only real limitation we've seen in Xpress is the 10 track limit and, of course, the user's imagination.

Matt's "looking for some way to help consolidate my web-life into one neat package. I've got some web statuses I like to keep up-to-date like Pownce and Twitter, but I find that I can't keep one updated without neglecting the other. Is there any way I can manage them all in one WITHOUT duplicate posting?

Sites like Ping.FM are great if you want to post the same message to multiple sites... and Firefox plugins like Minggl will will show you your consolidated friend list and a stream of your social network updates.

But if you want all your social networks and don't want to spam the same messages out on all of 'em, Veronica says to use FriendFeed... and explains how on the show.

Veronica, why are we not friends on Pownce!? It's a long story... Veronica has so many friends, she broke the her Pownce page about 6 months ago!

Are Multi-Gigabyte USB thumb drives a good way to store audio and video files? Sure, Cate, if you need the data handy... but for archival type storage of irreplaceable data? We're not ready to give USB drives the, ahem, Thumbs Up yet.

Consider using writable CDs and DVDs or hard drives, verify the data, and re-check it every few years... online storage is another great option, just have a plan in place in case your vendor goes out of business!!!

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