Tekzilla #7: Tartan Racing, Eee PC, IMAP for Gmail, Tumblr, and Guitar Hero 3

Posted in Web Technologies, Science, Podcasts on November 29, 2008

Robots Drive: DARPA Urban Challenge. Asus Eee PC = tiny, not powerful, fun. IMAP support for Gmail. Tumblr 3.0. MozBackup. Veronica Belmont plays Guitar Hero 3

Robots will drive your car: Congrats to CMU's Tartan Racing and their vehicle, Boss, which won the DARPA Urban Challenge 14 MPH over a 55 mile course, but, hey, unlike most drivers in San Francisco, it obeyed the traffic laws.

Asus Eee PC: there's a lot of hype around this 2 pound portable notebook. It's got a ton of promise, but there's not a lot of processing power, or storage.

Finally: Gmail has added support for IMAP. That means a much easier time syncing your mail across different email clients, such as a cell phone and your home machine. We showed you how to turn it on in Gmail, here's Google's help page for setting up your clients.

Our favorite microblogging tool, Tumblr, shares pictures, photos, your text, videos, you get the idea. Version 3.0, adds a niftier dashboard, two major video updates and the ability to post audio files. Plus "Channels" which lets you share stuff with a group. Watch out, Pownce!

Our producer Neha Tiwari got to rock out one afternoon with Veronica Belmont... playing the new Guitar Hero III. You can catch more Veronica at Mahalo Daily.

Jessica's Code Red is MozBackup, a simple utility for backing up and restoring Profiles in Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Mozilla Suite and Netscape. It's one click easy, covers your bookmarks, mail, contacts, history, extensions, and more. One downside: it's Windows only.

Got any thoughts on Google's Open Social? Curious to learn more? Email us if you care about Google's latest efforts to disparate sites on the web together... tekzilla@revision3.com

Love your video files but looking for something a little more serious than YouTube? Check out LiveLeak. The site features user submitted footage, but emphasizes politically charged reality based clips.

What speed should he burn DVDs at for maximum reliability? Forget about the speed, Fred. Turn on the verify or validate function in your burning software! If it doesn't validate, then try dropping the speed.

Chris says "I have info on a bunch of raw hard drives that I still need to access" but he'd "prefer not to buy enclosures for every single one." Patrick says no sweat: you need a hard drive to USB adapter! WiebeTech's DriveDocks are the Cadillac of USB/IDE (not to mention Firewire and SATA) drive adapters, but truth is, we've had good luck with your basic $20 USB/IDE adapters, too.

"Are there any tools out there that can re-initialize/format USB memory sticks?" Sure. Just use the regular hard drive utilities in your OS Justin.. tho, in your case, ATP Electronics does make a utility for its USB drives. If they keep dying on you, tho, it's probably time to switch brands!

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