Systm #78: Dead Space: We Built Gravity Boots

Posted in Podcasts on November 30, 2008

Inspired by EA's Dead Space, we build our very own set of gravity boots, then have David try to walk upside in a warehouse.

So we got this offer we couldn't refuse. Try and recreate the gravity boots used in EA's Dead Space  video game.

Then try to walk upside down. Sounds like a cakewalk... right?

We had access to a warehouse, a forklift, and giant steel plates. We ordered a pair of electromagnets with a breakaway force of 650 pounds each. We figured out how to attach 'em to David's feet.

David programmed a controller to make sure he couldn't release both feet from the plate at the same time. (Safety First!)

It was when David was hanging upside down, his feet 4 meters in the air under a 1200 pound steel plate that things got... interesting.

Did we drop him on his head, or was he able to violate the laws o' gravity and walk on the ceiling?

Watch the video to find out!

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Tags: Technologies, Hardware, Systm, Revision3, DIY, Dead Space, Gravity Boots