RubyConf 2008: How I Learned to Love JavaScript

Posted in Conferences, Development, Web Technologies on December 02, 2008

RubyConf 2008: How I Learned to Love JavaScript

Using Johnson (, we'll show how tightly Ruby and JavaScript can be integrated. We'll demonstrate seamless, bidirectional crossing of the language/runtime barrier. We'll show how to leverage Ruby libraries in JavaScript, and vice versa!

We'll talk about the approach Johnson takes to marry two very different languages, pitfalls and traps we encountered along the way, and explain some of our basic motivations: Mechanize integration, browserless JavaScript testing, and dynamic manipulation of the JavaScript AST from Ruby.

About Aaron Patterson:
When Aaron Patterson's not searching the internet for pictures of adorable kittens, he creates large-scale Ruby on Rails applications as a Principal Software Engineer at AdReady. He's an open source contributor, releasing popular Ruby tools like Mechanize and CSSPool. On Tuesday nights, Aaron can be found with the Rubyists from Seattle.rb.

About John Barnette:
John Barnette is a Lead Software Engineer at AdReady, a Seattle.rb hacker, and a huge fan of homemade beef jerky. He has contributed code to RubyGems, Rubinius, Rails, and a host of other projects.

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