Coaching Series: Create the Career You Want: A Non-Hyped App

Posted in Conferences, Companies on December 06, 2008

Professional satisfaction is a question of creating what you want, not just waiting for it to appear. This tech talk, by one of the country's leading career coaches, shows how the process works.

From my recent book:

"The process of creating a life that works for you does not unfold logically. It proceeds in fits and starts, involves unlearning as much as learning, and requires you to push forward amidst ambiguity. You have to act before you're ready to act, consider that your true interests and preferences might surprise you, and defer evaluation until you have collected a lot of evidence. You have to get out into the world, seek out new experiences and connect with new people. I try to stick to these principles not because they¹re always easy, but because I¹ve learned they work."

This tech talk will be an (entertaining and dynamic) introduction to the basic career- and life-planning principles that underlie this perspective.

Speaker: Michael Melcher
Michael Melcher is one of the country's leading career coaches, and is a partner at Next Step Partners, a leadership development and executive coaching firm. With a blend of humor, sensitivity and professional acumen, he has helped hundreds of individuals develop their careers into personal platforms that are professionally fulfilling and personally meaningful.

He is a graduate of Harvard College, Stanford Law School, and the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He worked for several years as an associate at Davis Polk & Wardwell in New York, was previously a Foreign Service Officer in India and Taiwan, and founded an internet company focused on online immigration services. He has speaks Spanish and Mandarin Chinese.

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