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Information Technology Promotion Agency, Japan (IPA), an incorporated administrative agency under the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), supports a number of promising Japanese software engineers with an advising and grants program that is designed to encourage the development of innovative new software applications. Since its inception in 2000, IPA's Exploratory Software Project, known as the MITOH Project, has supported over 1000 software engineers. An elite few from this group have been conferred with the title of Super Creator.

Four Super Creators will present their business plans for web services, network utilities and graphic tools at a tech talk preceding this event. Please welcome them to Google and to the US, and also join us for the networking session at 3:00pm in 42-Paramaribo.

Speaker: Mr. Takeaki Lucas Kamada
IIDev Corporation, established in 2004, is the developer of AltPaper, an Automatic Data Entry System for Every Office. AltPater is an easy-to-use system to recognize hand-written data on sheets of regular paper and reduces daily data entry work dramatically. This product consists of a plug-in of Microsoft Word or Excel as an authoring system and an image processing system. CEO, Mr. Takeaki Lucas Kamada, a graduate of the University of Tokyo, is the recipient of Special Prize (The 3rd Campus Venture Grand Prix), 2007, Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun (The Business & Technology Daily News in Japan) Ltd.

Speaker: Mr. Ryutaro Sugiyama
LoiLO Inc., established in 2004, is the developer of LoiLoScope, non rendering movie software aiming at "Transforming every imaginative to creator!" LoiLo Inc. has developed a super high-speed movie processing engine named "ecouengine". With this engine any movie can be handled with no need to stop or wait. Also, with the revolutionary interface scoping UI, movie editing has become amazingly easy. As soon as users start using it, users can produce movies with intuitive usability and share it with everybody. It is a new type of non-rendering movie software. COO, Mr. Ryutaro Sugiyama, a graduate of Nihon University, is the recipient of the following awards; 2007, Microsoft Fellowship ; 2007, the Best Commercial Business Award by Microsoft Innovation Award; 2007, the u-kanagawa Business Award by Kanagawa prefecture; 2006, The Super Creator certification by METI (IPA)

Speaker: Mr. Masato Saito
Mr. Masato Saito, who is a Ph.D. candidate in Media and Governance at Keio University, is the developer of Ubiquitous Network Browser (UNB) that is a stand-alone traffic visualization software for end hosts. UNB exploits an entertainment-oriented 3D visualization of application flows and various application-related information are integrated into UNB's traffic visualization. Its flow visualization model is based on the end-to-end communication principle. UNB is possibly used as a front-end viewer of personal firewalls, anti virus software, or network security software, and is also applicable to general flow visualization solutions (automated plants, transportation system, or large- scale router management). He is the recipient of a number of awards including the followings; 2005: Best Poster Presentation and Demonstration Award (Japan Society for Software Science and Technology); 2003: Best Paper Award (Information Processing Society of Japan).

Speaker: Dr. Tadachika Ozono
Wisdom Web Corporation, established in 2004, is the developer of Mobile Glimpse and Wisdom Ad Balloon. Mobile Glimpse is an ideal technology of making Flash Lite contents from web pages. It can be used to cut costs of creating Flash contents. Users can easily build a web site for mobile phones by using Mobile Glimpse. To construct users web sites for mobile phones by using Mobile Glimpse, they can design their web sites by using HTML with web authoring tools. Wisdom Ad Balloon is a push-delivery system on web that enables us to asynchronously send web contents to channels which is a part of web pages defined by users using HTML tags. CTO, Dr. Tadachika Ozono is a...

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