Practical Applications of Natural Language Processing in Assistive Technology

Posted in Conferences, Companies, Science on December 06, 2008

Ken Ingham, Ph.D. will describe the architecture and motivation behind the development of Amazability, Inc.'s Adept1 product. The Adept1 performs natural language analysis and interprets spoken words and phrases or typed input. It accepts and interprets verbal commands and responds with high quality speech. The Adept1 is equipped with voice recognition and text-to-speech output that dynamically adapts multilingual spoken output to context. The Adept1 offers such applications as word processing, email, address book, web browsing, and access to an online library of thousands of books. These applications along with others have been developed from the ground up to work with speech and have a common command language throughout. They can be employed using ordinary speech or typed words and sentences. Thus the product represents a foundation for implementing practical natural language transaction processing where simple English phrases and sentences are interpreted to command a sequence of complex operations. While the Company's founders are offering a vehicle that can be used as a full programmer's workstation, the operating system is hidden with all applications designed to be used by person's with minimal or no technical background. The Adept1 will be demonstrated and a roadmap for future applications will be given.

Speaker: Ken Ingham, Ph.D.

Google Tech Talks
May, 15 2008

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