Seero: Mapping live video to create a unique form of content

Posted in Conferences, Companies, Development on December 08, 2008 is an up and coming platform for users to broadcast and experience destinations around the world. Seero fuses live and on-demand video with mapping to create a rich and unique user experience. Our goal is to go beyond the typical model of trying to 'put television online'. Seero utilizes the full potential of the internet to create a unique and immersive video experience.

Seero is a response to the convergence of mobile computing, web-based video, and online mapping technology. KML and Google Maps technologies have been invaluable tools; using them has presented unique challenges in building a scalable and intuitive platform.

Speaker: Dan Rummel
With a foundation in physics and computer science from Boston University, Dan Rummel recently worked at Berkeley on a NASA MIDEX mission flying satellites. As a Flight Dynamics Engineer he primarily focused on propulsion system modeling as well as all aspects of orbital maneuvering. Dan eventually returned to Earth and joined the team of Seeronauts to design and implement a platform to share and explore the world around us.

Google Tech Talks
April, 3 2008

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