The timeless treasures in the modern world – A life's path in paintings

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In the beginning of the 80s, compelled by the responsibilities to history, Mr.Chunming Yu tried to save Chinese ancient folk houses with his painting brush. These houses stood on China's soil for thousands of years and hosted families from all dynasties. They are the witnesses of Chinese history. In the search for folk houses, he spent more than ten years to travel across China's villages. During those years, Mr.Yu painted thousands of watercolors and countless sketches. After coming to America in 1997, he was till trying to express my feelings toward Chinese folk houses through painting.

At the age of globalization and information technology, Mr.Yu found that most people have a hard time to appreciate the traditional Chinese culture he fought to preserve. Not only Americans don't understand it, even Chinese people have changed dramatically. So Mr.Yu began to look for a universal language that all people can understand something that we all value as human beings.

Mr. Yu's talk will focus on his search of an unique painting style of his own over the years. It takes approximately 30 to 40 minutes including Chinese/English interpretation. Mr.Yu would like to answer questions from audience after his speech.

Speaker: Mr Chunming Yu
Chuming is famous for his work in 80s-90s, when he visited Chinese folk villages across China and painted more than 3000 paintings and sketches. He graduated from China Academy of Art, and was a Professor of Nanchang University in China, and a visiting scholar to UCLA. 1982. He is a member of Chinese Fine Artists' Association, and Chinese National Association for Painters & Calligraphers. His paintings and watercolors was collected by many institutes and individuals including China Art Museum, Former British prime minister Baroness Margaret Thatcher, Stanford University East Asia Library, and Dharma Realm Buddhist Association.

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