What Are FOSSBazaar and FOSSology and why should I care?

Posted in Conferences, Companies on December 09, 2008

On December 18th, 2007, HP Launched an open source project called FOSSology. A month later on January 24th, 2008 HP, along with the Linux Foundation and several other prominent organizations announced a new "Web Community" called FOSSBazaar. At a high level, these two projects will appeal to different audiences and their growth will certainly take different paths. However, both projects have been created for the same fundamental reason; to accelerate the understanding and adoption of free and open source software by businesses, institutions, and governments.

If you are a manager responsible for the procurement or development of software assets, then FOSSBazaar and FOSSology can greatly simplify your life. If you are a developer wanting to use and/or participate in open source projects, then FOSSBazaar can help you get your management's approval. If you are a researcher interested in studying open source, then FOSSBazaar and FOSSology are great resources to further your work. This talk will describe the vision, direction, and current state of the FOSSology and FOSSBazaar projects and (of course) be spattered with a "pitch" on how you can get involved.

Speaker: Philip Robb
Phil Robb is General Manager of FOSSBazaar.org; a website and community dedicated to improving the governance and adoption of free and open source software within enterprises, institutions, and governments. Phil is also a section manager at Hewlett Packard leading their Open Source Programs Office. In that role Phil manages several product development teams focused on open source solutions and governance including the FOSSology project (at FOSSology.org). Phil is also responsible for HP's Open Source Review Board which is the governing body within HP for all open source software usage and deployment. Prior to joining HP in 2001, Phil held senior management and technical positions at Critical Path, Fisher Scientific, Motorola, and Honeywell-Bull. Phil received a Bachelor's of Science degree in Management Information Systems from Bowling Green State University, and attended Colorado State University toward a Masters degree in Computer Science.

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