jQuery for Designers: Fun with Overflows

Posted in Frameworks, Development, Web Technologies on December 06, 2008

jQuery for Designers: Fun with Overflows

Making use of the overflow and scrollLeft DOM property to scroll elements is a much more effective use of the CPU, over animating using CSS top/left. So this episode of J4D demonstrates the same effect used in two completely different ways.

The first is a scrollable timeline. A couple of readers requested a demo of how Plurk's browse timeline works. In addition, in the last month, Google released a 10 year timeline - so I wanted to show how this works.

The second was a request from Trevor Morris who's involved with/runs Geek in the Park. He asked whether the techniques I used in a jQuery marquee plugin I wrote recently could be used to smooth out CPU spikes that were occurring on his site when the header pattern flowed (see example below).

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