PixelPerfect #56: Pagecurl

Posted in Graphics, Podcasts on December 08, 2008

Page Curl? You don't need a plugin to make a page curl in Photoshop. You need the warp tool... and a bit of detail work. Bert walks you thru a 2D and a 3D version in this special viewer request edition!

If you've ever opened a book and noticed the way the page curves out from the center binding, then you know what a page curl looks like.

Do a search on page curl in Google, and you'll find quite a few plugins dedicated to making that effect happen in Photoshop and The GIMP.

In this episode, Photoshop mavin Bert Monroy shows you how easy it is to make a page curl without a special plugin. All it takes is a fresh layer, and the Warp Tool!

He walks thru two versions: one looking head on at the book, and a second 3D version looking at the book from an angle. Cool stuff, and Bert takes the process step by step.

Bert has made his source files available for this episode available here

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