PixelPerfect #57: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Posted in Graphics, Podcasts on December 08, 2008

Does Adobe Photoshop Lightroom replace Photoshop? What's the difference between Lightroom and Bridge? Do you need it to manage your photos? Bert Monroy has a special guest on to give you a tour of Lightroom!

Today's PixelPerfect takes a step back from Bert's usual Photoshop tips and tricks and covers a totally different piece of software... Lightroom!

Or, more precisely, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

Bert knows you've got questions about this application, starting with the big one: if I have Photoshop, do I need Lightroom?

So he's invited Frederick Johnson, Adobe's Senior Product Marketing Manager for Lightroom, to walk you thru the application and answer your questions.

They talk about the differences between Lightroom and Adobe Bridge, Adobe Bridge is the organizational program that replaced the file browser in Adobe Creative Suite 2. It's also part of CS3.

Lightroom is more of a standalone app. or, as Wikipedia puts it, Photoshop Lightroom: "image management application database that helps in viewing, editing and managing digital photos"

Watch this episode to learn more about Lightroom, how it helps you organize your photos, apply metadata and experiment with your images without touching the original file data: "You can create infinite variants."

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