PixelPerfect #62: Lightroom Questions: Import, Storage, Renders and New Features

Posted in Graphics, Podcasts on December 09, 2008

You fired off a ton of Lightroom questions for Bert, so Adobe's Frederick Johnson is back to talk about where can store files in Lightroom, how it keeps track of your adjustments, and new features in version 1.3

You had a lot of new Lightroom questions after watching Episode 57: Lightroom which featured Frederick Johnson, Adobe's Senior Product Marketing Manager.

So Frederick's back to help Bert Monroy answer a big stack of Photoshop Lightroom questions!

Where does Lightroom store the libraries? Frederick shows you how to store 'em anywhere. You can import them and leave 'em at their current location or you can import them and place them into a specific library to, say, move them off a CF card.

Frederick also walks thru the Import Photos... and differences between how Lightroom's catalog model differs from Photoshop Bridge's file system model.

Does Lightroom render out a new preview every time you make an adjustment? Nope, says, Frederick, it stores the states, a mathematical equation for each tweak you make. Those mathematical formulas don't take up much space!

New features? Lightroom 1.3 should be out by the time you watch this... it adds support for 3rd party development of export modules, so Flickr, Yahoo and other photo sites can create tools to 'pump the images directly to their servers."

Lightroom 1.3 also adds support for RAW camera formats from the new Nikon D3, along with a number of additional cameras. (Adobe wants to keep the early hardware adopters happy!)

You can download Lightroom and play around with yourself.

There are some fundamental differences between Lightroom and Bridge! Check out Episode 57: Lightroom and Episode 58: Lightroom 2. to learn more!


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