PixelPerfect #76: Secrets of Photoshop's Cloning Tool

Posted in Graphics, Podcasts on December 10, 2008

How to use Photoshop's cloning tool to remove things from your pictures

Photoshop wizard Bert Monroy shows you how to use Photoshop's cloning tool to remove people, places and things from your photos. Eliminate modern elements from your streetscapes to make them look old. We show you how. Plus a sneak peek into Bert Monroy's magical home studio, powered by elves.

Based on Bert's nostalgic feeling for the 1940s, today's tutorial is a blast from the past. How would you accomplish it? Pretty simple, the secret is to use Photoshop's cloning tool; a tool that is used to help retouch images. It'll help you remove any objects to your heart's content. Finish off the image off by adding a sepia tone with the Hue/Saturation command . Now, you too can reminisce by creating your own antique photo. Enjoy.

Today, Bert shows off his work studio. Currently, Bert's photoshop arsenal consist of two Wacom Cintiq tablets, an Apple 30-inch cinema display, an Epson 3800 Pro, and an Epson 9800. If you want Bert's gear, start saving.

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