PixelPerfect #79: How to give someone bruises using Photoshop's cloning tool and liquify filter

Posted in Graphics, Podcasts on December 10, 2008

This week, Bert promotes physical violence...through Photoshop. A once pleasant headshot is tragically retouched with bruises, discoloration and swellings, by utilizing the clone stamp tool and liquify filter.

Bert severely beats up his headshot with several Photoshop elements. First, he removes his glasses with the clone stamp tool and creates a black eye with the liquify filter and blow tool. Next, using the dodge and burn tools, Bert swells up his forehead with a giant bump. And what's violence without blood? Bert uses LAYER EFFECTS (inner shadow, bevel/emboss), the TEXTURIZE FILTER, and PEN TOOL to place a bloody gash on his cheek and a band-aid. Finally, Bert wipes the smile off his face with the WARP effect.

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Tags: Photoshop, Design, Adobe, Revision3, PixelPerfect