RubyConf 2008: MacRuby: Ruby for your Mac

Posted in Conferences, Development, Operating Systems on December 09, 2008

RubyConf 2008: MacRuby: Ruby for your Mac

Everyone wants to develop Cocoa in Ruby. It can create awesome Mac apps. But you need to develop in Objective-C. Which is not so pretty. However, they both share some of the same concepts and ideas.

RubyCocoa exists, but it's a bridge. So conversion is happening and that is slow and resource intensive. And each runtime has a different garbage collector!

MacRuby interprets Ruby on the Objective-C runtime. Kinda like JRuby does with the JVM.

All objects in MacRuby inherit from NSObject.

HotCocoa is a thin Ruby layer on top of Cocoa. He showed some code and it really looked like Ruby. Slick desktops apps for the Mac written in Ruby are coming for Christmas (the projected "Production Ready" date of MacRuby).

From the audience: "What about iPhone apps?"
Laurent: (said in an outrageous French accent) "I'm sorry I can not answer this question"

Author: Laurent Sansonetti

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